Flying through the market!

The first Sunday of October brought super heroes, flying princesses, caped crusaders and other protectors of humans to the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market! Starting from the reDiscover Center‘s booth for the Big Draw LA and running throughout the market were children of all ages clad in their own drawings freshly done and worn as capes! It was so much fun a few children came flying back with friends to make capes for them. Some came just over with excited parents asking if this was were they could make capes. It was a special day as I had my lovely assistant Richard Heaven by my side photographing and assisting the super children!

MVFMMarker drumsSuper CapesCape beginning Cape on!Super action Cape admiring Cape adjustmentsTake off! Super hero!Team effortCape Creating Finished CapeWires!


Mending by hand

On Saturday, September 13 I taught an intimate sewing class for Trade School LA at reDiscover Center. We went over invisible and visible mending. We hemmed skirts, sewed on buttons, practiced hand stitches, and even set up the foundation to machine sew our own reusable t-shirt bags! I will definitely be teaching this class again. Keep posted for dates. And feel free to let me know what you would like to learn and/or review.

There was a male sewing student, facilitator and photographer (we were all busy sewing that I forgot to take a picture of Richard!). All images by Richard Heaven.

Sewing hemsButtonsSample timesDiscussing suppliesCatch stitch learning Practicing3 catch stitches Richard's button done!

I taught Artist Trading Cards for Trade School Los Angeles at reDiscover Center on Saturday, September 6, 2014. The turn out was small, but huge in rewards. A neighbor was a student, along with Richard Heaven and Mary Beth Trautwein, Director of reDiscover Center. We talked about all sorts of events in the area along with creating ATCs. Trading was done at the end and fun was had.

Richard Heaven creatingMary Beth creating ATCsRo hard at workRichard HeavenTeacherRoRo having funHoliday ATCsRichard Heaven's ATCsRo's ATCsGroup shot of ATCs

Photos by Amy Bauer and Richard Heaven



Stamps & Ink Pads

September 7, 2014 was a fun day at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market. Children who stopped by played with stamps and markers. One made a birthday card for a friend, another a card for their mother and the rest created 8 1/2″ by 11″ master pieces that they proudly showed to their parents. I had with me supplies from reDiscover Center. A tin of ink pads, markers, colorful paper and a plethora of stamps. Everyone (included the table-cloth & myself) was covered in ink and full of smiles.

Hard at work Stamping away Pushing with might Adding to the stamps with makers Pressing with head and hands Finished masterpiece Lovely work Hard at work Beautiful work Drawing and explaining Hearts galore Two-toned bats with hearts Hiding behind the art Small artist Completed masterpiece Great work

I have a super fun recycling project for October. Perfect for Halloween!

Art Break Day

Friday, September 5 was Art Break Day. Various locations around the world celebrated by holding their own Art Break Day with free activities and supplies for whomever wanted to join in. I was lucky enough to stop by the event in Venice, CA where I got to meet Lisa Rasmussen and Ceylan Hulya of Art 4 All People. Such lovely women and such a lovely idea. Lisa is one of the co-founders of Art Break Day.

They had art supplies for drawing and painting and an inspirational point for those looking for inspiration. Wish day. There was even a board to write your wishes down on. You can view images from the event on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/amybauerdesigns.

Here is what I drew:

Art Break Day 2014

Photo by Richard Heaven

Yarn Yarn Yarn

Yarn bombing Chinatown was a blast and utterly amazing. After finally viewing my piece Details I was off to choose a planter to yarn bomb. That was easy. There was one planter that had a tree growing out of it. Yes me and trees we have a thing. Plus Julie Kornblum, a member of Yarn Bombing Los Angeles gave me a thinner piece she had knitted that I used on the tree. The first two pictures are of me at Good Luck Gallery with my previously done yarn bomb project.

In front of Good Luck Gallery Below my artwork Bombing planter Planter bombedYarn bombing tree tree yarn bombing

And the yarn bombs are still up! Artist Patti from Pasadena visited Chinatown recently and shared these lovely pictures with me. It may be sagging a little, but it hasn’t fallen to the ground!

Yarn bombing still up Patti with my Yarn bomb

Ready, Set, Sweater!

One weekend in July was about preparing to sweater bomb planters in Chinatown. I even got Richard Heaven involved! Anyone near me while sweater/yarn bombing gets to help out. Below are pictures of the preparation for (read my previous post for locationYarn Bombing Los Angeles participated in Perform Chinatown. Visit there the yarn bombs are still up!

Yarn Bomb prepYarn Bom Prep IIRichard





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