Remembering a friend

Caller ID is a helpful thing. You know who is calling and when to answer a call. It fills you with different emotions as you see the number/name flash on the screen. Excitement for your beau, a job interview, art gallery, your family. It can also cause the exact opposite. Unfortunately for me it was one of these calls I received early Friday morning.

My phone rang and there was a name of a very good friend. This should of filled me with excitement. Because we have kept in touch, but not via verbal communication. My gut filled with an Ot Oh this is going to be bad news feeling immediately upon reading the Caller ID. Sadly I was correct.

A mutual childhood friend had passed away in their sleep. We all knew he was not doing well, but this was not expected. He didn’t have cancer or a disease that would prepare one for this (not that one is every really prepared for death). And he was young which always makes these things sadder and more upsetting. After the shock wore off I decided to draw his portrait.

With millions of fond memories of my friend one event immediately jumped out. 11years ago we went on a road trip for an entire week. It was something that he had expressed happiness for in one of the last emails he sent me. I have a lovely picture of him smiling right at the camera. That is the picture I have chosen to draw. Below is the beginning of my drawing. I believe he would like that I am drawing his portrait, the image I have chosen, and how it is coming out.



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