Card, Present, Party

For December I made a papier mache birthday card for my dad, a abstract fabric monster for a 5 month old, and a felt and button bird to wear to a party for myself.

The card is all recycled paper and stickers I had left over from a project from 6 years ago. The monster is made from felt and cotton (part of a summer dress that is being recycled). It has soft corners so that it can be grabbed easily by small hands or shoved in to a mouth since the baby is teething. Stuffed with organic natural fibers!

Now the bird is an all purpose accessory that I had pinned to my belt. Where it will land in the future is unknown. Maybe on a headband or part of a package for gift giving, or part of a wall decor. Perhaps it will fly into some craft project yet to be started! Until then it is room decor and lovely with its antique buttons.

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