Experiments in Glue

While in the studio I pondered what to do. I had taken all of my paint out and fixed a sewing machine, but had no spool of thread. No painting. No sewing. Just lots of containers of glue. I looked around and wondered what I could do with all this glue. And how do old pieces of art work resurface unexpectedly behind furniture? Luckily I had a collage I made a few years back and started to play around with it. Gluing some old pieces back down (glue sticks have an adhesive life apparently).  Then I started shredding random scraps of paper I had dropped on the floor (gosh I love being able to make a mess on purpose and leaving it) and gluing them on to the collage in essence transforming the look of the piece and the meaning. If I didn’t have to have a day job to cover my rent I would have stayed all night working on it.

Below is a close up of a tiny section. I glued paper onto a section and covered it with more glue. Drawing with glue. The experiment part will be to see what it looks like next time I go to the studio.

Close up of glue on a collage being redone

Close up of glue on a collage being redone

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