TREE – Yes my Tree

So it has been a long (six plus years) since my Tree project began. The feeling of the last three years is that it will never end. In an impressive way. That it will always be there in some form. And it is. For now. It has completely disconnected from its base. It has successfully morphed from a conceptual expression to an abstraction of itself.

What have I learned from my Tree? More than uncovered composting takes longer than one would think. A lot longer. But also and more personal that you really don’t know where an idea will take you. If you let it.

Just one tiny idea. Break down into pulp all of the receipts lying around my apartment. Glue them back into the shape of a tree. That was the entire original idea. Not much.

Didn’t include having my Tree shown outside of the town I lived in. Nor sit in my friend’s back yard. For multiple years. Make videos every time it was moved. Take thousands of photos. Have a dog pee on it. Have a caterpillar crawl across the edge of the trunk. Have spiders weave webs inside of it. Have termites live underneath it. And they were eating its base. Have it buried in snow and ice. Have it stand up through wind storms. Have bears, deers, and other wild animals pass by it. Have small children touch it in wonder. Have my friend’s husband wish it would leave the yard. And inspire many of my other projects.

Below are some images of it in its current state. It is a bit hard to distinguish from the foliage. A success of its morphing ability. Camouflaged.

My Tree  - Disconnected Looks so tiny Underneath Distance Zoomed in on my Tree My Tree from other yard

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