Day Three

Today’s prompt:

Look at your body of creative work past and present. What work is your favorite? Why? What work are you the most proud of? Why? Are they the same work or different? Explain.

How would you communicate your feelings about this cherished work to a broader audience? How would you share both the work and your ideas about it with the public?

At first my mind went blank..then I immediately thought of my Tree! Why the blank moment? I am a processor, no not a computer processor, but similar. I take a moment to absorb the data presented to me. My Tree for those who are soon to become familiar with it… take a look over here This project is both my favorite and what I am most proud of.
I created my Tree for a final thesis for my BA in Fine Arts. It was quite a challenge for my advisor was away 99% of the semester and the other instructors did not have an arts background and did not understand what I was doing. I even gathered many letters in an endeavor to appeal the final grade they gave me. In the end it wasn’t worth fighting an entire department and wasn’t going to make a difference in my GPA or future plans. Nor my Tree. My thesis show was a success. The public liked it. I entered it and displayed my Tree at another show. Then I made a decision that had a major impact on me and my art. I decided to put it in my friend’s backyard to decompose. Over five years later it is still there! OMG! We thought it would be in her yard for three months tops. Nature has rewarded me many times over. Over the years my Tree has been in many shows via pictures and videos. And at each show I briefly describe it to viewers. My video is silent so that all the visuals can really be absorbed. In the beginning I said something like this “conceptual environmental piece focuses on recycling”. Since then I have added it is one step beyond placing something into a blue bin. But really my story is simple. What to do with all this paper accumulating in my apartment (especially as an undergrad..all those papers and tests). So I tore up my receipts, statements, papers, as I watched a movie. Then I broke it all down to pulp and reshaped it into a tree (modeled after the poplar) and put it outside to recycle naturally. I am still working on a concise explanation. But I do know what I am doing and saying is having a positive reaction from the public and that is why it is my favorite work.
Tree and trees

This is what my Tree looked like the day I planted it outside in a yard.

This is what it looked like recently.

This is what it looked like recently.

This is what it currently looks like… somewhere under a foot of snow!

This is what it currently looks like… somewhere under a foot of snow!

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