Day Four

Today’s prompt:

Today, on the fourth day of the C4ward March Blogathon, go easy on yourself. Lean back, prop your feet up and dream big making lists of your future artistic goals. It’s up to you how much you write, but remember a list is short!  You can include personal as well as professional or creative goals in this exercise.  Write each list (take 2-5 minutes) before reading the next prompt for the best results!

3 LISTS OF FUTURE GOALS (Personal as well as Artistic and/or Professional):

1) List FIVE GOALS you would like to achieve in the NEXT 30 YEARS (or 10, or 20 years… think long term).

2) Now, thinking of the above far-reaching goals, list FIVE GOALS you need to accomplish in the NEXT FIVE YEARS to move towards achieving them. (Some of these might be the same as your goals above.  That’s okay!).

List 5 Goals…

3)Finally, list FIVE GOALS to be accomplished in the NEXT 12 MONTHS… as if it were the last year of your life! What will you have accomplished by March 4th , 2015?

Did that just happen!? 5 Goals – 1 Year to live!

EXTRAS FOR CONSIDERATION: What experience did you have just now writing these lists of your future goals? Did you make any discoveries? Did stripping away the surety of time to accomplish what you most wish to do change your priorities? How can you incorporate those revealed priorities into your daily creative practice? What visual image can you post with this blog entry that would embody the spirit of your future goals?


My response was written separately and honestly. I read one question at a time, answered, then read the next question. Here are my thoughts.

1. Self sufficient by making art

2. Own property with large backyard (have garden)

3. Have made all of my clothing (upcycling counts)

4. Never have to purchase art supplies

5. Become well-known for public art


1. Make more purchasable art

2. Put something in my Etsy store

3. Get a decent paying job

4. Figure out how to make my own paint

5. Make public art and set it free


1. Make the samples for my public art

2. Leave art outside

3. Get a job

4. Create art everyday

5. Enter more art shows and attend more shows

The last list made me feel an OMG sensation. How I hope some of these goals are done yesterday. How I know I needed to start this sooner. How brighter my future is going to be. And how Art really is number one to me. I need to create it, make it, think about it, share it, discover it, and live it.

Striping away time and time frames made me focus more on writing off the top of my thoughts. My daily activities should focus more on my weekly goals. Currently weekly goal is to make one piece of art a week. This can be anything from sewing to drawing to home décor. I must remember this as the week progresses and do a little each day.

And for a visual image I go to Yves Klein.



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