Day 15 – Reflection

Take a moment to take inventory of the results of continuous blogging about your art and networking with other artists through their blogs.

  • What have you learned about yourself?
  • What connections have you made with other artists?
  • Did you find a rhythm and style to express yourself about your art through blogging?
  • Did you discover anything new about your relationship to your art?
  • Do you have any better understanding of the role you play as an artist in your community?
  • Is blogging a worthwhile activity?
  • What do you need to keep you blogging regularly?

Hmmm for the last prompt I feel like this is a large/yet easy in a not so easy looking immediately kind of way.

I learned that I am not meant to blog every day (well not at this point). That the art scene in Atlanta is vibrant. That I would love to visit C4 Atlanta one day. My blogging style sways gently like a calm wave. I’ve learned that my role as an artist in this community is welcomed, wanted, and happily accepted. With my art and blog I have to just keep putting myself out there. You never know when an opportunity is rolling past. For instance a few days ago I entered a store that would be a fabulous place for me to teach classes. I chatted with an associate for a bit and that night I emailed the owner. This morning I received a reply from there to come meet with them this week! I am so excited and nervous and excited. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t been given support by my fiance similar to C4 Atlanta supporting artists blogging.

Will I keep blogging regularly? Not every day, but more often. Even if it is just an image of my work. Like this one. Stage two of my public art preparation.

Prepping the trees.

Prepping the trees.

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