Bike Rodeo

Saturday, May 10, 2014 I hosted an arts & crafts table for the Palms Neighborhood Council‘s annual Bike Rodeo. What is a bike rodeo you may ask. I hadn’t really known either when I answered the call for a volunteer. I blindly went in and now that it is over came out with a lot of knowledge in hosting an arts & crafts table at a Bike Rodeo. It is geared towards children and involves bicycle riding and patching lessons, face painting, free food, music, dancing, and many bicycles were given away. Similar to a flea market or circus atmosphere except practically everything is free. Free to use on location I mean. You were not supposed to walk away with any of the art supplies or such. Happily my table and the project I came up with was a big hit. For this event I proposed making bicycle streamers from toilet paper tubes.

The children that came to our table had a great time. I actually helped out with all three of the arts & crafts tables that were there. People were drawing their own images on puzzles and making bracelets. Near the end of the event three children actually started making wands in addition to their streamers (and one of the other volunteers also stopped by and made a squid necklace). Children (and some adults!) always do come up with the best ideas. And happily there were enough supplies left over to do this project again next year.

Here are some images I took of the day.

Bike Streamer Making 2 Bike Streamer Making 3 Bike Streamer Making 7 Bike Streamer Making Girls Bike Streamer Making Bracelet Making Concentration Drawing Puzzle Boy Puzzle Girl Squid Streamers 2 Streamers and wands Streamers in use Streamers

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