CD Fish Sunday

I spent Sunday, June 1 teaching children how to create fish from a paper template and discarded CDs. On behalf of reDiscover Center I went to the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market to work at the craft table. And let me tell you the children started coming over almost as soon as I finished setting up. They have a children’s craft in the same spot every week. So they know where to go. The reDiscover Center is only there the first Sunday, so that is when I will be there. For my first time there I went with an easy project. The children loved it and had a blast. Even the shy ones came over and made art. Even a few who never spoke a word, but got right to the task of creating. And as always when working with children, they came up with some great ideas and learned from each other.

The project consists of coloring in a paper template. Cutting the pieces out and gluing them onto a CD. I also had felt pieces with me so some of the children cut them up and glued them on too. Below is just a tiny bit of what was done. I had no assistant, so there wasn’t much time for taking photos.

My CD fish Serious fish making Fish making supplies Fish making and celebrating Fish making Fish on a string Patterned fish CD fish as an accessory

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