Stamps & Ink Pads

September 7, 2014 was a fun day at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market. Children who stopped by played with stamps and markers. One made a birthday card for a friend, another a card for their mother and the rest created 8 1/2″ by 11″ master pieces that they proudly showed to their parents. I had with me supplies from reDiscover Center. A tin of ink pads, markers, colorful paper and a plethora of stamps. Everyone (included the table-cloth & myself) was covered in ink and full of smiles.

Hard at work Stamping away Pushing with might Adding to the stamps with makers Pressing with head and hands Finished masterpiece Lovely work Hard at work Beautiful work Drawing and explaining Hearts galore Two-toned bats with hearts Hiding behind the art Small artist Completed masterpiece Great work

I have a super fun recycling project for October. Perfect for Halloween!

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