The price of books and other dilemmas

Hard cover or soft cover? Tactile book or e-book? Online or in person? Bulk order or print by demand? Those are the easy questions. Or you think so till it comes time to price your book. How much to charge depends on how much the publisher is charging you. Then add on your profit, but if you add too much will your book not sell? And does anyone purchase books anymore? Or can you get your book into a library? How do you do that? One of the reasons for creating a book is to create the book. Whether that is to prove to someone that you can do it. Or because  you just had a good idea. It does not matter. But if you expect to make money or become rich off the sales of the book. Then you are either writing a novel, how to book or need to create a time machine. Back to the time before e-books, before printing books yourself was possible. Even when people made zines by copy machine may be too recent. 

I know people will buy the book. Not sure how many. For me the book is one thing on a lifetime journey of creative endeavors. It will be exciting. No matter how many people purchase nor the price of the book. I do like the idea of a book tour. Mini tour. 

Maybe the price will make people feel a special connection to the book. After all, it is art! One of a kind and done by real life artists! 

How much would you pay for a book with hand drawn art?


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