Another Day ….NO!

It may have started out as just another day. But I won’t let it stay that way. Unless it is a day of self care and rest. Although I do incorporate self care into every day of the week. A few minutes of exercise, early to bed, sitting around if necessary. The work day can keep me still. I manage to get up a lot. I mean a lot. Drinks, stretches, snacks, stretches, bathroom breaks. Whatever. 

But just another day. I think not. I always have projects in the works. That enables me to work a little on each one (and I do not mean the same one) each day. Today during my morning break I connected with others about a project that I am planning for September. It seems way off, but the end of April is here and summer is right around the corner. This was a little goal, but may have larger impacts. So I say to you, is this just another day? NO! Do something. Even if that is just going outside and looking up at the sky. I mean straight up. But not into the sun. 

As a friend once told me, “I woke up today. It’s a good day.” Make it a beautiful day by doing something with it. I shared in a past post, it can be a small act towards a goal. It all counts.

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