I skipped a week

And that is okay. Writing this blog weekly was already a new habit I was working on cultivating. Skipping a week is going to be normal and okay. It does not mean I am not working on reaching my goals. It just means something more important came up. Or that I did not decide to spend the time and energy that week on writing here.

Documenting everything all the time is exhausting. I do not even try to do it, but do read about it being exhausting from all the ‘influencers’ I follow. Unless, I imagine, you have a team of people behind you posting everywhere for you. And as we are capable of making decisions we can decide that the extra few minutes would be better doing something else. Recharging, eating, getting some vitamin D, watching another creature play, petting the cat and dog, calling a friend, planning the future, learning about climate change, voting, protesting….. I digress.

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