Going backwards to go forwards

The podcast I was listening to finished in 15 minutes instead of 30. I continued to eat my lunch and pondered what to listen to next. I searched through recommended podcasts. Nothing was enticing me. I remembered a podcast someone mentioned on Linkedin. Nah, I had listened to that already. Even though I am sure there were more episodes, I was searching for something else. I saw The Moth series and clicked on that. Just started it when I recalled a podcast I used to listen to. This American Life. I stopped The Moth. I searched and immediately subscribed to This American Life. Ready to listen to next time. 

For me, This American Life was something I would try to catch every time a new one was released. I had to do this at home on my computer. I had no other device capable of playing podcasts at the time. It’s been almost a decade, well I am sure a lot less, but I have never listened to it on anything other than my computer before. Kind of exciting and I am looking forward to listening. Will it be as good as I remember? Will it be better? Will I meet others who listen to it? A former roommate used to ask me, “Did you hear the latest podcast?”. Then we’d talk all about it. I clicked play and waited as the podcast began…..


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