Studio Tour

Image from LB Open Studio Tour’s Instagram. Two images we sent to them for marketing.

October 15 & 16, 2022 Richard Hecht and I decided to be part of the Long Beach Open Studio Tour. We’ve been going to it, visiting artists all over Long Beach since 2018. It enabled us to learn more about the sections of Long Beach plus meet many artists living here.

Creating catnip pouches for cats. I had to take these outside to fill for my cat was very interested in them : )

So we prepped! I sewed up a storm. Making some small items that would be easy to carry and inexpensive. We ordered copies of our book to sell in person. If you bought a copy we signed it!

Book available at :

I sent emails, even started using Mailchimp so people can unsubscribe if I end up sending things they aren’t interested in receiving. Not that I think that will happen since my list is so small right now.

We even hung a yarnbomb on the outside of the apartment for the show. Taking it down and putting it back up the 2nd day.

Was it worth the time and expense? Yes it did cost a wee bit of funds to join, but that got you signs, flyers, a page on their website and marketing. Let’s just say Richard and I did end up selling art! We made our money back on the cost of joining the show plus more. Not enough to cover ordering all those books. But we’ve also sold one so far that is in a local store in addition to what we sold at the show! So art is moving with minimal work on our side. Imagine what would happen if I actually did all the things I think about? Like attending craft fairs and art walks and getting Richard’s art in a local gallery! What is stopping me? Now that we’ve done this studio tour as artists, sold some art, made some new friends, nothing is the answer! Well just myself.

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