Fun-A-Day-LA 2023

New blog post by Rev. Kendrahli Khayoz! If you aren’t sure about what FADLA is or why you should join hop over to FADLA blog to read a post written by an ongoing participant. Rev. Khayoz has amazingly created art for Fun A Day since 2018! Even in 2022 when I skipped hosting a show. You can read about her art and others on the FADLA blog currently at

Image above from Rev. Khayoz “2021: I painted a series of macro eyes using black light responsive paint and arranged them on an impressive 4’10” foam board cut to mimic a mass of tentacles. Since this show was done digitally I made a video of it.”

Included at the bottom of Rev. Khayoz’s blog post is a link to register for FADLA2023. It’s a short form with not much commitment other than saying your joining in the fun! There’s more info about the show details on the top of the form too.

Registration live through January 28, 2023!

Still hesitant to join?

Check out this video ( of ongoing participants from the virtual 2021 show. We discuss the history of Fun A Day, all the shows taking place that year, what everyone made and why they keep participating year after year after year!

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