Author: Amy

  • May your days be full of art!

    I’ve been a volunteer with Art is Moving for many years. Since I first heard about Art Break Day I have been attending and hosting events. This year I also signed up to drop off their Free Art Projects in Little Free Libraries. I signed up to drop them off in Long Beach and Westwood. But my love for them is […]

  • Fun-A-Day-LA 2023

    Still hesitant to join? Check out this video ( of ongoing participants from the virtual 2021 show. We discuss the history of Fun A Day, all the shows taking place that year, what everyone made and why they keep participating year after year after year!

  • Studio Tour

    October 15 & 16, 2022 Richard Hecht and I decided to be part of the Long Beach Open Studio Tour. We’ve been going to it, visiting artists all over Long Beach since 2018. It enabled us to learn more about the sections of Long Beach plus meet many artists living here. So we prepped! I […]

  • Going backwards to go forwards

    The podcast I was listening to finished in 15 minutes instead of 30. I continued to eat my lunch and pondered what to listen to next. I searched through recommended podcasts. Nothing was enticing me. I remembered a podcast someone mentioned on Linkedin. Nah, I had listened to that already. Even though I am sure […]

  • I skipped a week

    And that is okay. Writing this blog weekly was already a new habit I was working on cultivating. Skipping a week is going to be normal and okay. It does not mean I am not working on reaching my goals. It just means something more important came up. Or that I did not decide to […]

  • Another Day ….NO!

    It may have started out as just another day. But I won’t let it stay that way. Unless it is a day of self care and rest. Although I do incorporate self care into every day of the week. A few minutes of exercise, early to bed, sitting around if necessary. The work day can […]

  • A Little Book of Alliteration

    I illustrated a book! It is called A Little Book of Alliteration it is a children’s book for adults. That’s how we’ve been describing it. Text Art by Richard Hecht and illustrations by moi. Self-published via Check it out and purchase your copy today! P.S. – any suggestions on other self-publishing sites? Ones you […]

  • I left a toxic environment.

    It was a good choice to leave for my sanity. But I took a lower position, going to work my way up. But it is not in a creative field and I am a creative person so I am feeling an emotional struggle to hold on till it’s been a year at least, then I […]

  • The price of books and other dilemmas

    Hard cover or soft cover? Tactile book or e-book? Online or in person? Bulk order or print by demand? Those are the easy questions. Or you think so till it comes time to price your book. How much to charge depends on how much the publisher is charging you. Then add on your profit, but […]

  • Dream Job

    I was talking with a former co-worker. Ideal email chat, checking in on each other. She asked me what my dream job was. Usually I come up with something vague for this, but not this time. The question, the timing or something in the air made me ponder this question for a while. My true […]