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On January 11, 2018 I entered a call for a wearable art fashion show with the theme of trees. The very next day I received a response saying my idea was accepted! Amazingly fast and super exciting. For the next few months I sewed and glued up a storm! First I created a full length gown styled in a 1940’s house coat or robe. Something you would throw on over a slip to answer the door. They had not given any size requirements, so I created it to fit me if I was several inches taller.

After it was sewn I then started to glue handmade paper bits all over it. It was an extension of my paper shirts series. I delivered it to the Lancaster Museum of Art and History on April 21. On Saturday, May 12 the dress was worn in their annual Mother’s Day Tea Fashion Show! Below are some pictures from the show!

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I’ve made and taught others how to make buildings out of one magazine page. Now I’ve tested out letting the students chose what they are interested and taught them different ways to make them stand. One participant said she was even going to show her family members how to make them. Success I say.

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I have received all of my art supplies from storage back east and it is now time to incorporate them into some new pieces! While modifying the old. Particularly thinking about incorporating my Teabag Reuse Project and Full Circle: rebirth of a tree projects with my paper and muslin shirts.

Tea Bags and tags

Tea Bags and tags

Dried Tea Bags

Angles of Art Shirts

Pile of Art Shirts

Art Shirt

Detail of my Tree

Close up of my Tree

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September 7, 2014 was a fun day at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market. Children who stopped by played with stamps and markers. One made a birthday card for a friend, another a card for their mother and the rest created 8 1/2″ by 11″ master pieces that they proudly showed to their parents. I had with me supplies from reDiscover Center. A tin of ink pads, markers, colorful paper and a plethora of stamps. Everyone (included the table-cloth & myself) was covered in ink and full of smiles.

Hard at work Stamping away Pushing with might Adding to the stamps with makers Pressing with head and hands Finished masterpiece Lovely work Hard at work Beautiful work Drawing and explaining Hearts galore Two-toned bats with hearts Hiding behind the art Small artist Completed masterpiece Great work

I have a super fun recycling project for October. Perfect for Halloween!

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Friday, May 9 I taught an Artist Trading Cards class as part of Trade School LA. It was hosted by reDiscover Center in Los Angeles, CA. My first time there and my first class with Trade School LA. I will be participating in both again in the near future I am sure.

I was familiar with Trade School Brooklyn so when I saw that they were launching in LA I jumped on board. And I am so glad I did. Trade School is all about barter. The teachers list items they would like to receive as payment for their class. The students pick from the list and bring one or a few of the items to the class. It is all really cool. I made my items pretty open. One of my items was succulents. Knowing this is southern California I knew that this would be a pretty easy item. One wonderful woman brought me four small succulents! I also had on my list teacups and another great woman brought me three with matching saucers! The other items were art and or sewing supplies. I ended up with watercolor pencils (which I was thinking about purchasing), a small sewing kit, two books, and some old wallpaper. All great supplies that were items I no longer have to purchase! In turn I also received an enthusiastic creative class. Everyone loved the subject material and really got down to business creating diverse little works of art. At the end of the class we all traded and we walked away with lovely collectible one of a kind art works. Truly a great evening. As I always say at the beginning of my classes, even if you keep your own art it is okay. You are still walking away with something fantastic, new and inspiring.

Here are some photographs from the class courtesy of Richard Hecht and Alyssa Archambault.


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Life is exciting. You must go outside and live it. And some times that means not writing on your blog every day. Even when involved in a blogathon. So a bit delayed, but here is . . .

Day five prompt from artist Gina Thompson.

I have been journaling from a book called “Mapping the Intelligence of Artistic Work” and this is one of the topics I recently wrote about. I found it really helpful for me.  Bring to life the dynamics of your studio.  What gives you satisfaction in the studio? What are you currently exploring there? Create a “wish list” for your work.  What studio goals would allow for ecstasy?

My home is my studio. There are many variables involved in having a home studio when it is not in an extra room, but actually your dining/living room. You live with your art. And in my case another person (fiance) and his art too. Art is everywhere and very inspiring. My current exploration involves all the recyclable packaging and making art out of them. *note my Fun-A-Day Reseda art work was all recycled objects & so is the heart mobile below. My wish list includes continuing this study of recyclable art. Ecstasy in the studio? Having more art than art supplies. And the sunshine that comes into it everyday.

Heart Mobile made from toilet paper tubes by Amy Bauer Designs, Photo by Richard Heaven

Heart Mobile made from toilet paper tubes by Amy Bauer Designs, Photo by Richard Heaven

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Silence on the blog means my hands are covered in glue, paint, thread, or all three! Which is why I have three shows coming up all within one week of each other! From California to Florida I have 33 pieces of art work on view.


The First Reseda Fun-A-Day Gallery Exhibit (For this show I created 31 original collages of various sizes and themes. More images will be uploaded in another post.)


Fun-A-Day Reseda Flyer

Fun-A-Day Reseda Flyer

Action 3" x 3" paper collage  First piece done for Fun-A-Day

Action 3″ x 3″ paper collage
First piece done for Fun-A-Day


Friday, February 28, 7-10pm
Saturday, March 1, 7-10pm

7143 Baird Street
Reseda, CA 91335
“10 by 10” Exhibition

Balloon 3" x 3" acrylic, fabric, glue on canvas

Balloon 3″ x 3″ acrylic, fabric, glue on canvas

WHEN: March 7-16, 2014

GALLERY OPEN DAYS & HOURS:  Friday-Sunday, 11a-4p starting 3/7

LOCATION: i5 Gallery at The Brewery Art Complex

RECEPTION: Saturday, March 8, 2014  (3-5p)
Twitter Art Exhibit: Orlando
Benefiting The Center for Contemporary Dance, Special Needs Classes

Experiments in Glue  4" x 6" paper, acrylic, glue on illustration board

Experiments in Glue
4″ x 6″ paper, acrylic, glue on illustration board

Thursday, March 20, 2014 | 6-9PM
Show runs March 20 – April 11, 2014

CityArts Factory, Magic Gallery | Orlando, Florida, USA

Robin Maria Pedrero

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I have a piece of work in THE FEMAIL PROJECT.

A show in the UK!


The ARTicle Gallery

Birmingham City University

Margaret Street


B3 3BX



P.V. September 6, 2013 6-9pm

Sat 7th and Sun 8th 10am-4pm

9th – 11th 10am-5pm

The image below is what was chosen from my blog to be in the show. It is from my series: “Corresponding Emotions: A guide about females for males“. The whole series can be seen here

LustLust – Charcoal & Colored Pencil by Amy Bauer Designs.

There is more info. about the show on their Facebook page:

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So it has been a long (six plus years) since my Tree project began. The feeling of the last three years is that it will never end. In an impressive way. That it will always be there in some form. And it is. For now. It has completely disconnected from its base. It has successfully morphed from a conceptual expression to an abstraction of itself.

What have I learned from my Tree? More than uncovered composting takes longer than one would think. A lot longer. But also and more personal that you really don’t know where an idea will take you. If you let it.

Just one tiny idea. Break down into pulp all of the receipts lying around my apartment. Glue them back into the shape of a tree. That was the entire original idea. Not much.

Didn’t include having my Tree shown outside of the town I lived in. Nor sit in my friend’s back yard. For multiple years. Make videos every time it was moved. Take thousands of photos. Have a dog pee on it. Have a caterpillar crawl across the edge of the trunk. Have spiders weave webs inside of it. Have termites live underneath it. And they were eating its base. Have it buried in snow and ice. Have it stand up through wind storms. Have bears, deers, and other wild animals pass by it. Have small children touch it in wonder. Have my friend’s husband wish it would leave the yard. And inspire many of my other projects.

Below are some images of it in its current state. It is a bit hard to distinguish from the foliage. A success of its morphing ability. Camouflaged.

My Tree  - Disconnected Looks so tiny Underneath Distance Zoomed in on my Tree My Tree from other yard

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My  experiments in glue continue. Below are two more in my 3″ x 3″ series. I am also working on a larger scale of 8″ x 8″ and have finished one of 4″ x  6″ (can any one say postcard!). The use of paper has morphed into fabric. Currently the pieces either involve fabric or paper, but not both. This may change in the future for I have some splendid ideas. I also have a few ideas which involve torso scale installations. For now enjoy the two images below.

Seed - 3" x 3" acrylic, fabric, glue

Seed – 3″ x 3″ acrylic, fabric, glue

Toss - 3" x 3" acrylic, fabric, glue

Toss – 3″ x 3″ acrylic, fabric, glue (SOLD)

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