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Inspired by Dueling Makers and Art Ateliers (personal podcast about artists and their art studios), I present to you Amy’s Art Cabaret. Saturdays, 2pm PST live stream. An artist, or two or three and myself. We’ll talk art, life, time and more while making art! Note; art is interpreted as all mediums and media. Music, dance, general silliness and serious art will be created live in front of your eyes via Youtube! So sign up now to follow!

Engaged audience members!

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Art Ateliers

My podcast lives on. I had to slow down for other projects, but I just finished editing and uploaded the latest installment of Art Ateliers. There seems to be some technical difficulties with the image, but I will iron that out before tomorrow is over. In the mean time take a listen and enjoy!

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Art Ateliers

I created a podcast show Called Art Ateliers you can download it for free on iTunes or listen to it on Blip.tv which is where the above link will take you.

It is me interviewing artists about their studios. I started it as a grad school project, but I enjoyed it and got great feedback , so I shall be continuing it. How often? At this time I am not sure. Take a listen let me know what you think.

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