California Yarnscape

As a member of Yarn Bombing Los Angeles I, along with my husband and our friend Britta participated in their current exhibition California Yarnscape. Our piece along with 40+ other artists’ work is on exhibition at The Autry Museum in Los Angeles. Once a month their our public workshops for people to contribute to the yarn bombing, free with museum admission. The exhibition pieces though are on the rotunda outside the museum, so whether you go inside or not you can view them!

From the Dreameco Crafts website:

ART SHOW and Workshops! California Yarnscapes, March-June 2017 at the Autry Museum of the American West! This is a Yarn Bombing Los Angeles event! Sunday, March 19, 2-4pm Opening Reception – Autry Courtyard
Drop-in Workshops, 10am – 2pm The public is invited to create California native flowers!
Saturday, March 18 (day before the reception) – Past
Saturday, April 29-Past
Saturday, May 20-Next one!
Sunday, June 18-Visit before they take it down!

California Yarnscape

Dreameco Crafts & Britta’s California Yarnscape

Dreameco Crafts with Britta

Dreameco Crafts with Britta!


For Black Friday 2016 I spent time in Long Beach, CA with the Sewing Rebellion. That is where I got to meet Frau Fiber. Her free community activities that day of anti-shopping where to help with a protest quilt and sewing patches. The quilt included cutting out states. To which I cut out NY and NJ (which had DE stuck to it since that state is tiny) and worked on a patch. To my delight I was told the patches were for us to keep. I did and am working on it more at home. I think I will attach it to my bicycle when finished.

She also had homemade soup for all to share. It was a lovely event. Not only because I got to sew, which I love to do, but because you could feel the community gathering. We met new people and witnessed Frau Fiber receive a donation of a Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine. OMGosh we all drooled over it. Love when people kindly share their items and make sure they go to a home where they will not only be cherished but used as intended.




Dreameco Crafts, which I am co-founder of is hosting the first annual Fun-A-Day-LA art show! It is free! It is Fun! It is for all! Join in and be in a group art show in February. All you have to do is work on art (can be one, two, three, ten, 20 or 31 pieces) every day for the month of January and then be in a show with your community! Make art with friends, family make friends and meet your neighbors!

Submission is super easy and can be done online. Learn more at http://www.dreamecocrafts.com/fun-a-day-la.

Remember art is an interpretive term. What is art? Music, dance, poetry, cooking, baking, sewing, sculpture, performance, video, photography, oration, mime, embroidery, singing… It really is anything and everything. It also can be collaborative so don’t be shy.

Pillow Covers

We had throw pillows with cute cardinals on them. They were terribly stained from spills and every day life. The thought of purchasing new pillows to replace pillows that were in great shape (minus complete staining) was unthinkable to me. So I took out my tape measure and went through my fabric stash. I had recently acquired some really fun fabric with images of deers and wolves! (How was I going to turn this into a dress? I was not sure. And I still might for I have some left.) These needed to become the new pillow covers though! With some extra plaid print for borders on the top and bottom. I used a zig zag and straight stitch on the edges of the plaid sewn to the animal print for extra strength. I also did a running stitch by hand to close the new pillows (yes the birds are now inside – why purchase stuffing when I can just put a bird inside it! – bad reference to Portlandia).

Here are the after shots. Enjoy the double sided deer and wolf pillows that now make our couch feel lodge like.

Double Potholder

I sold a double potholder I custom made for a friend and ever since I’ve been meaning to make one for my husband. I had to adjust the sizes for larger hands and some how manage to use up the scraps (I mean remnants!). I had a personal goal of not buying anything new for this project. I managed it! Used three different colors of seam binding to add some slight detail. He loves it. He even got it dirty already, which is a sign of a good cook. We took some pictures of it this weekend so I could share with you all. Adjusting sizes (or grading in pattern making terms) is really easy. The only challenge was doing it with remnants. Would of not been to difficult to match up different pieces, but I only had this blue terry cloth and was determined to use the largest pieces I could get out of it.

Sewing Projects

I’ve been sewing up a storm behind the scenes. Many were presents so had to wait till they were given to their owners before any images could be seen online. A few are still being worked on for presents and December holidays, those will remain behind the scenes. Here are a few photos.


3D Magazine Art

I’ve made and taught others how to make buildings out of one magazine page. Now I’ve tested out letting the students chose what they are interested and taught them different ways to make them stand. One participant said she was even going to show her family members how to make them. Success I say.

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