dress I designed, made, and modeled.
Boy-cut underwear I made from a t-shirt.
Boy-cut underwear I made from a t-shirt.
Dark pink corduroy and cotton pattern used to make a playful skirt.
Silver sheer skirt with lilac under skirt and silver metal brooch. Black frog closures not shown, but used in the back.
Shown here on a model in another fashion show. The skirt was sold right off the runway!
Flowing green fabric from a thrift store now up-cycled into a dress with yellow beaded flowers & butterflies.
Did you know there were pants under there? From the front I bet not. From the back yes because there is no back panel on the dress.
The pink top has silver metallic thread in it and is a tank top with a bottom panel of heart shaped beads. The sheer panel has snow flakes on it. A friend of mine said this skirt would be a victorian nightmare, showing off the knees. Ha ha this still makes me laugh.
Cotton fabric. Here it is on a model in a fashion show! I am currently reconstructing this dress.
Remnants turned into a panel skirt with two pleats in the back
Made from a remnant. Black sequin like material and beads.

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