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Meeting o Mat

Thursday evening I went to a meeting of my art collective Union Square Artists. We collected and discussed are art o mats. As we talked we made some more. Here are my spontaneous pieces from that meeting.

I really love making these.

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More Art o mat

This may be too much fun if there is such a thing. Just finished my other 2 wooden blocks for the art o mat machines. Here are some pictures, and like I typed in the other post I photographed them on a different surface to get rid of the glare.

Enjoy! I did!

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The art collective I am in, Union Square Artists are creating art for art o mat. It is art on wooden blocks. The blocks are the size of cigarette boxes and put into converted cigarette vending machines. So instead of cigarettes you get little pieces of art! It is fantastic.

2 of my 4 blocks are done. By using markers I just sat down and made some art that I really like. Here are some pictures. Let me just warn you that I shot them on a shiny surface and the pictures taken with flash came out true to color unlike without the flash. So please don’t mind the shine in the middle. Will not be photographing the other 2 blocks on this surface.

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