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  • May your days be full of art!

    I’ve been a volunteer with Art is Moving for many years. Since I first heard about Art Break Day I have been attending and hosting events. This year I also signed up to drop off their Free Art Projects in Little Free Libraries. I signed up to drop them off in Long Beach and Westwood. But my love for them is […]

  • Fun-A-Day-LA 2023

    Still hesitant to join? Check out this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDVyOqt3u7M&feature=youtu.be) of ongoing participants from the virtual 2021 show. We discuss the history of Fun A Day, all the shows taking place that year, what everyone made and why they keep participating year after year after year!

  • Another Day ….NO!

    It may have started out as just another day. But I won’t let it stay that way. Unless it is a day of self care and rest. Although I do incorporate self care into every day of the week. A few minutes of exercise, early to bed, sitting around if necessary. The work day can […]

  • The price of books and other dilemmas

    Hard cover or soft cover? Tactile book or e-book? Online or in person? Bulk order or print by demand? Those are the easy questions. Or you think so till it comes time to price your book. How much to charge depends on how much the publisher is charging you. Then add on your profit, but […]

  • Dueling Makers

    How often do you get out of your comfort zone only to realize you really like doing this thing that you hesitated to do? Or maybe even did not want to do. Why? Why did you not want to do it when you knew you could? After I was indirectly, or was that directly challenged, […]

  • Fun-A-Day-LA

    Dreameco Crafts, which I am co-founder of is hosting the first annual Fun-A-Day-LA art show! It is free! It is Fun! It is for all! Join in and be in a group art show in February. All you have to do is work on art (can be one, two, three, ten, 20 or 31 pieces) […]

  • 3D Magazine Art

    3D Magazine Art

    I’ve made and taught others how to make buildings out of one magazine page. Now I’ve tested out letting the students chose what they are interested and taught them different ways to make them stand. One participant said she was even going to show her family members how to make them. Success I say.

  • Dreameco Crafts

    Back on June 21, 2015 Dreameco Crafts was born. It was our first gig. My husband and I started a company. It made sense that what we were working jobs teaching for others. And as artists who focus is on recycling we had accumulated a large amount of what others would call trash destined for […]

  • Paper & Glue

    I have received all of my art supplies from storage back east and it is now time to incorporate them into some new pieces! While modifying the old. Particularly thinking about incorporating my Teabag Reuse Project and Full Circle: rebirth of a tree projects with my paper and muslin shirts.

  • Tree out West

    My Tree has made a long journey via USPS. It followed a similar path (except I took a plane, may be it did too!) across the continent back to me. I have great plans for my Tree, the next steps in its life of slow decomposition. Here are images of how its current condition after […]