Another Day ….NO!

It may have started out as just another day. But I won’t let it stay that way. Unless it is a day of self care and rest. Although I do incorporate self care into every day of the week. A few minutes of exercise, early to bed, sitting around if necessary. The work day can keep me still. I manage to get up a lot. I mean a lot. Drinks, stretches, snacks, stretches, bathroom breaks. Whatever. 

But just another day. I think not. I always have projects in the works. That enables me to work a little on each one (and I do not mean the same one) each day. Today during my morning break I connected with others about a project that I am planning for September. It seems way off, but the end of April is here and summer is right around the corner. This was a little goal, but may have larger impacts. So I say to you, is this just another day? NO! Do something. Even if that is just going outside and looking up at the sky. I mean straight up. But not into the sun. 

As a friend once told me, “I woke up today. It’s a good day.” Make it a beautiful day by doing something with it. I shared in a past post, it can be a small act towards a goal. It all counts.

The price of books and other dilemmas

Hard cover or soft cover? Tactile book or e-book? Online or in person? Bulk order or print by demand? Those are the easy questions. Or you think so till it comes time to price your book. How much to charge depends on how much the publisher is charging you. Then add on your profit, but if you add too much will your book not sell? And does anyone purchase books anymore? Or can you get your book into a library? How do you do that? One of the reasons for creating a book is to create the book. Whether that is to prove to someone that you can do it. Or because  you just had a good idea. It does not matter. But if you expect to make money or become rich off the sales of the book. Then you are either writing a novel, how to book or need to create a time machine. Back to the time before e-books, before printing books yourself was possible. Even when people made zines by copy machine may be too recent. 

I know people will buy the book. Not sure how many. For me the book is one thing on a lifetime journey of creative endeavors. It will be exciting. No matter how many people purchase nor the price of the book. I do like the idea of a book tour. Mini tour. 

Maybe the price will make people feel a special connection to the book. After all, it is art! One of a kind and done by real life artists! 

How much would you pay for a book with hand drawn art?

Dueling Makers

How often do you get out of your comfort zone only to realize you really like doing this thing that you hesitated to do? Or maybe even did not want to do. Why? Why did you not want to do it when you knew you could?

Shyness is nice and shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you’d like to

After I was indirectly, or was that directly challenged, to go against my boss (welcome to upper management he said to me once) to be in an episode of Dueling Makers I thought well I’ll get through this. I cannot say no. And I should invite everyone I know! Which I did. And I am happy I did. Cause I had a blast. What a great way to end a work day.

I really like the flowers I created on this episode. And look how much my hair has grown out!

My immediate reaction after the show? I want to create my own series! I do not want it to be restricted to a time and day or even to be weekly. I want to invite my local, national and international friends! Now to figure out what to call it, for it will not be affiliated with Dueling Makers, nor a challenge show. It will also be open to all ages and kinds of medium and people. Suggestions anyone? And do you want to be on an episode? Let the fun begin!


Dreameco Crafts, which I am co-founder of is hosting the first annual Fun-A-Day-LA art show! It is free! It is Fun! It is for all! Join in and be in a group art show in February. All you have to do is work on art (can be one, two, three, ten, 20 or 31 pieces) every day for the month of January and then be in a show with your community! Make art with friends, family make friends and meet your neighbors!

Submission is super easy and can be done online. Learn more at

Remember art is an interpretive term. What is art? Music, dance, poetry, cooking, baking, sewing, sculpture, performance, video, photography, oration, mime, embroidery, singing… It really is anything and everything. It also can be collaborative so don’t be shy.

3D Magazine Art

I’ve made and taught others how to make buildings out of one magazine page. Now I’ve tested out letting the students chose what they are interested and taught them different ways to make them stand. One participant said she was even going to show her family members how to make them. Success I say.

Dreameco Crafts

Back on June 21, 2015 Dreameco Crafts was born. It was our first gig.

My husband and I started a company. It made sense that what we were working jobs teaching for others. And as artists who focus is on recycling we had accumulated a large amount of what others would call trash destined for the blue bin or landfill. We came up with a plan to start a company.

Here is an excerpt from our website. An eco friendly company born out of artistic sensibilities and household discards. We are artists and educators who are teaching the public how to use what they have in their homes to create art and household products and extend the life of their items to produce less waste. Classes include crafts, sewing and visual arts. Through classes, workshops and free events we turn strangers into neighbors.

Since June we’ve been working many farmers markets, store openings, taught classes, been in art shows and even conducted an eco scavenger hunt. Feel free to take a look at our website and social media sites to find out more about us. I hope to see you at an class/event. We are also available to book for your next event, just send me a note.



Paper & Glue

I have received all of my art supplies from storage back east and it is now time to incorporate them into some new pieces! While modifying the old. Particularly thinking about incorporating my Teabag Reuse Project and Full Circle: rebirth of a tree projects with my paper and muslin shirts.

Tea Bags and tags

Tea Bags and tags

Dried Tea Bags

Angles of Art Shirts

Pile of Art Shirts

Art Shirt

Detail of my Tree

Close up of my Tree

Tree out West

My Tree has made a long journey via USPS. It followed a similar path (except I took a plane, may be it did too!) across the continent back to me. I have great plans for my Tree, the next steps in its life of slow decomposition.

Here are images of how its current condition after journeying across the USA.

This is the box inside a box that my Tree was packaged in for its journey.

This is the box inside a box that my Tree was packaged in for its journey.

Wrapped in it's box.

Wrapped in it’s box.

This is the part of my Tree that was laying on the ground for several years.

This is the part of my Tree that was laying on the ground for several years.

This is the part that was originally glued to the wood base.

This is the part that was originally glued to the wood base.

This is the side of that was exposed to sunlight and snow for years.

This is the side of that was exposed to sunlight and snow for years.

This is now the top of the trunk. Originally the middle of my Tree's trunk.

This is now the top of the trunk. Originally the middle of my Tree’s trunk.

A pile of snow

Friday was my Tree’s fifth year outside. A celebratory event was to take place. But alas Mother Nature did leave over a foot of snow on top of it. So we decided to post pone the events one day. This wasn’t going to happen. The image below shows the branches of the butterfly tree that my Tree is underneath. And the massive amount of icy snow that is currently covering the area. So… event rain check please! Good news is event documentation has been discussed. Event date to be determined.

My Tree is under there some where!

My Tree is under there some where!

Strange Tint

From 3,000 miles away I can detect it. Actually this picture revealed the colorations of the final breakdown of my Tree. This picture was taken December 22,2013. There is clear color changes on both the cement (giant circular piece that has a wooden dowel in the center and underneath a wood platform connected by screw and nut) and the trunk (whitish/now blackish paper laying north of the cement base). Is this mold? Is this a natural occurrence in the breakdown of materials left outside to decompose? The cement piece reminds me of old castles (in Europe) and old military forts (in the USA). The decay is slow, but it is there.

Strange Tint

Once again it is time to ask… will it make it to the next anniversary? Or shall I have a Viking Burial for it? just kidding. that wouldn’t be very natural of me. Or would it?!