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Accordion Bird Book

Today I went to a meetup at Glassybaby to make an accordion book. They are very quick and easy to make. Without much thought my book became a bird book. Once again I just used what was in front of me. At one point I thought I would give it away, but I really really like it. Especially since I free-hand cut bird shadows which are on the last two pages. All the pages can be seen on my flickr account.

Here is the cover and my bird cutouts.

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Art Swap

On the 18th of April I went to an art swap in brooklyn. The day before I met the Craftaholic who was holding the swap and bought a handmade (bound) book she made. I love it! I am using it as an idea book and carrying everyday.

Here are some pics of the book.

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Advanced copy received

I received my advanced copy of The Canvas Project V2: Encyclopedia by Art House Co-op today!  Here are some images from the book.

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