A Little Book of Alliteration

I illustrated a book! It is called A Little Book of Alliteration it is a children’s book for adults. That’s how we’ve been describing it. Text Art by Richard Hecht and illustrations by moi.


Self-published via Blurb.com. Check it out and purchase your copy today!

P.S. – any suggestions on other self-publishing sites? Ones you used/liked/hate/recommend/wouldn’ttouchwithatenfootpole?

Swatch Books

A friend texted me and asked if I could use 5 fabric sample books they found on the street, yes was my immediate reaction.

Ahhh a little sunday surprise! Great stuff I cannot wait to use!


I taught myself a bookbinding technique today. Used some sample card stock and yarn I had. Holed punched holes and weaved the yarn in and out of each page and back into the previous page twisting the yarn to keep the book tight. Seems to work which is good because I will be giving demonstrations at the Maker Faire.