Drying right now in the home studio and will be on display (& for sale!) next Sunday, I present three experiments in glue:

Oh did I mention that these three were inspirational to me? I started another piece which is much larger, 8″x10″ (lol), which in turn inspired an idea for an installation. Unfortunately there isn’t enough time to create this idea in time for the art show (Sunday, May 19 noon to 6pm 333 Newark St, Hoboken, NJ – Closing Studio Party, but the above pieces and A LOT more will be there. Hopefully you will be too.

Conceptual Environmental Revolution

The month of November flew by thanks to Hurricane Sandy, Conceptual Environmental Revolution, Thanksgiving, and moving.What’s that you say? The hurricane displaced me for two weeks (I was one of the lucky ones who lost no worldly possessions and still had a home to go back to) while I was in the midst of relocating said possessions. Yet with a holiday and a hunky helpful partner a revolution meeting still took place.

A Conceptual Environmental Revolution (CER) description:

Amy Bauer & Richard Heaven (Hecht)

Come to a conceptual environmental revolution meeting! Attend, View, Raid!
A peaceful playful expression in mixed medium drawings and sculptures.

The CER was held on November 17 & 18 and was part of the Hoboken Artists Studio Tour. It was in my studio! For the first year I was not a renegade and had an actual studio in the building I am usually always in. Here was one of the invites

Here are some images from it.


Last meeting of my artist collective we passed around some canvases and collaborated on artwork. It was fun, even if only a few of us were actually passing around their canvases. I took some photos of canvases as they were in various stages of collaboration. Enjoy the work of myself, Alexander Khost, Cindy Dean, and Alejandro Echavez.

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This morning I started painting a canvas. It is going to be a base to a multimedia project that I have in mind. The canvas came from a trip I took to NC 2 years ago. It has been staring at me asking me to do something with it or give it away. I decided to do something with it. The paint was being thrown out from work. When it was offered to me I said yes of course. More layers of paint will be added and then I have an idea to incorporate some fabric pieces I cut out and want to be attached to a canvas. Only time will tell if it will work as I plan. For now here is the beginning of the piece.

Marker art & a yoga mat

Last night I made a bag to carry my yoga mat in and tonight I made some marker art on a 4″ x 4″ canvas I had. I realize they aren’t related, but I thought I would condense my post tonight. Hope no one minds. 🙂 The yoga tote was made from the legs of a pair of corduroys (now I own some pink hot pants! hee hee).

Canvas on Display in Atlanta!

My canvas is on display at the Atlanta Georgia airport. If you are on a lay over check it out.

{Panel to your right (F) 1st row down, 2nd from bottom, fire hydrant and orange cones}

Canvas Update

Here are images from four of my five canvases. I am working on them for The Canvas Project 2. My personal goal is to have them done in the next three weeks. Two of them are done. Let me know what you think of them.


I received my five little (3″x3″) canvases this morning! I will get started on them as soon as my sketchbook is in the mail. I will scan the sketchbook and mail it out before Saturday (maybe even today).