Birthday Library

For a friend who is a librarian I decided to make a library birthday card. Referencing a card catalog I made a card with a pocket and all.

Bird & Egg

I attended a baby shower last weekend. Pictured below is the card I made for my friend. I drew a silhouette of a bird and cut it out of scrap paper. I then made a paper nest and egg. The backdrop is some more scrap paper and a blank card. On the back I cut up some paper and put my initial on a square elephant head. Now I have to make the actual gift. Luckily I have some time for that, stay in there baby! lol

B-Day Cut

I took a pre-made card and free-hand cut it into a shirt for my father’s birthday. I used a scrap to make a pocket and ripped up some handmade paper to stuff in the pocket.

Here are two images of it. I may add some embellishments, but for now I like it nice and simple.

Another Birthday Another Card

Another birthday another reason to make a card. Since my shirt card was a big hit, I thought I would do it again. This time for a female. Hopefully she likes it. Since I am mailing it I will have to wait to hear. Did I tell you the foundation of the card is just one letter size piece of paper I fold? It is awesome. Again I sewed on some buttons and a tag inside. I also double tacked different color paper on the outside and wall paper remnant inside. I also attached a paper flower and hot glued a little flower to the outside. These things are so fun to make everyone may get a personalized one!

Birthday Card

For a birthday celebration I wanted to make a birthday card. This card was going to be for a male relative so I did some research for ideas. The following is what I came up with. I even sewed on buttons underneath the tie I made!