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I bought some Artist Trading Cards this week and just started creating on a few. It is as fun as making the art o mats! I had no idea. I just bought some because I am co-teaching with another artist at the end of this month. We are teaching ATCs and figured we should create a few of our own. Who knew this was so addicting. Perhaps I should of known, I do like to work small.

They aren’t done, but here is a preview of my first dabbles.

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Here are the finished images of my charcoal & chalk pastel drawings. I call this series “Corresponding Emotions: A guide about females for males“.

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I have started a series of drawings to enter into a show later in the year. Charcoal, graphite and pastel on paper is my choice of mediums. It is a series about emotions. So far I have taken two of my sketches and taken them to the beginning of the final series.

One of the drawings is a sketch I did awhile ago that inspired the series.

Here is a sneak peak of the progress.

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