Dueling Makers

How often do you get out of your comfort zone only to realize you really like doing this thing that you hesitated to do? Or maybe even did not want to do. Why? Why did you not want to do it when you knew you could?

Shyness is nice and shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you’d like to

After I was indirectly, or was that directly challenged, to go against my boss (welcome to upper management he said to me once) to be in an episode of Dueling Makers I thought well I’ll get through this. I cannot say no. And I should invite everyone I know! Which I did. And I am happy I did. Cause I had a blast. What a great way to end a work day.

I really like the flowers I created on this episode. And look how much my hair has grown out!

My immediate reaction after the show? I want to create my own series! I do not want it to be restricted to a time and day or even to be weekly. I want to invite my local, national and international friends! Now to figure out what to call it, for it will not be affiliated with Dueling Makers, nor a challenge show. It will also be open to all ages and kinds of medium and people. Suggestions anyone? And do you want to be on an episode? Let the fun begin!

Thaumatropes at the Market

On Sunday, July 6 at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market representing reDiscover Center I taught children how to make their own thaumatropes with paper, markers, glue, wooden skewers and imagination! They had a blast. More was made than I could take pictures of, they come in spurts. All it takes is one little kid seeing another and they run over. They had great ideas including birds in nests, a spider in a web, fish in tanks, and more. One little girl remembered me from last month’s CD fish craft. This is truly a rewarding event. I look forward to August and learning from the children.


reDiscover Center Can DrawingDetermined drawingDrawing concentrationContemplative drawingCelebrating creation Spinning fun Showing off workLittle one creates too



Interested in making some small sewing projects this summer? Then sign up! I will be teaching three workshops at the JCC in Manhattan in July. {hint: you don’t have to sign up for all three, but why wouldn’t you. hee hee}


Fabric Arts Workshops at the JCC in Manhattan
by Amy Bauer

Quick and easy 2-hour sewing workshops for students who are absolute beginners or novice sewers. With a focus on “going green”, you will create projects that are useful and personalized. A fabric lunch tote will encourage you to eat healthier and spend less. A reusable sandwich/snack bag will have you ditch those flimsy plastic ones. Sew a simple lanyard for your keys, ID badge or Metrocard and keep it all together.

Sun, Jul 17
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Fabric Arts Workshops: Lunch Tote
$35.00 Member
$45.00 Nonmember

Sun, Jul 24
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Fabric Arts Workshops: Snack Sack
$35.00 Member
$45.00 Nonmember

Sun, Jul 31
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Fabric Arts Workshops: Lanyard
$35.00 Member
$45.00 Nonmember

For more information, or to register,
please call 646-505-5708
or online at jccmanhattan.org


Possibly the weirdest & coolest thing I have ever gotten at a swap. A set of old Iron-ons from ? who knows when. Today I tested out one that I have no idea what it is besides a monster from someone’s mind. 🙂  The best part was to find out that they are re-useable!  Looks like I have some crafty ideas for the holidays!


I taught myself a bookbinding technique today. Used some sample card stock and yarn I had. Holed punched holes and weaved the yarn in and out of each page and back into the previous page twisting the yarn to keep the book tight. Seems to work which is good because I will be giving demonstrations at the Maker Faire.


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and once again I have made my mother a card. I used some embroidery floss I got from the art swap, bristol board, buttons, ribbon, sticky back felt, crafting papers, and Double Tack Mounting Film (which I bought today at Dick Blick).  I think it came out great. Especially since I did my usual free wheeling no plans, just winged it art!

Fabric animals

The bunnies are hopping and the owl isn’t far behind!  Watch out, they are all going to make their debut at the sale. Take one home on November 14th.

Art & Craft Sale

On Saturday, November 14th I will be selling my wares. I am currently working on new items for this event. The sale will include new art work, crafts, clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Think of it as holiday shopping. The Proletariat Pins will be just one item of many being sold.

{images of items for sale below}

Proletariat pins

So I was thinking of making pins that were female symbols. When I held one of the prototypes that Shannon had made, I said these look like people. She agreed. Then we had to come up with a name. Or rather agree on a name. Proletariat Pins is what we agreed on. I like it. So we are still in the early stages. I will post a creative packaging design that Shannon came up with soon.

Tell us, would you buy one?