Double Tack

I put all my drawings into my sketchbook. Now it is officially ready for me to pack it up. Which I will do and mail out this week.

Hoboken Art Tour 2011

The open studio tour last Sunday was great. Got everyone coming and going since I showed in the hallway. May have been better than being in a studio. Although I would still like to have my own studio one day. A place where I don’t have to clean the glue off the floor if I don’t want to, even though I still will.

Here are some pictures from the event.

Yellow Room Show

Last Friday, November 12th I participated in a group show. I had an entire room to myself. I decided to exhibit the best of a variety of my art, craft, and fashion/sewing work. I also put paper on the door for people to leave a mark on to be part of the next tree I make. The room had people constantly in it. I posted some pictures on flikr of the set up and the paper people drew on.


Here are the finished images of my charcoal & chalk pastel drawings. I call this series “Corresponding Emotions: A guide about females for males“.

Pastel Update

So my pastel drawings are coming along great. They are nearing completion. Thankfully on deadline too.

Here are two shots of three of them. There are six all together. Apologies for the bad photography.


Some quick charcoal and china marker drawings I did at a friends apartment. I am focusing more on my drawing. Charcoal is a lovely medium and very expressive to me. Here are rough images of the drawings.