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  • Tree out West

    My Tree has made a long journey via USPS. It followed a similar path (except I took a plane, may be it did too!) across the continent back to me. I have great plans for my Tree, the next steps in its life of slow decomposition. Here are images of how its current condition after […]

  • 8 Years A Tree

    In 2006 when I came up with the answer to a question of what to do with all the paper piling up in my apartment I had no idea it would turn into an eight year  (and counting)  project. None. But it has and my Tree is at a crossroads, or rather a cross-country adventure. You […]

  • A pile of snow

    Friday was my Tree’s fifth year outside. A celebratory event was to take place. But alas Mother Nature did leave over a foot of snow on top of it. So we decided to post pone the events one day. This wasn’t going to happen. The image below shows the branches of the butterfly tree that […]

  • 5 Years Outside

    Friday, February 21, 2014 will be five years that my Tree will have been outside in northern New Jersey. Which at the moment is being pounded by Mother Nature. She is constantly dumping snow down upon it. But that is winter in the north-east. This year I have a special plan for my Tree. It […]

  • my Tree – May 2013

    A piano is covered, but we mustn’t forget the inspirational tree. My Tree and I live further apart than ever, so I reached out to the owner of the yard it resides in to get an update. As expected all is grand and there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference since the February […]

  • 4 Years

    Today, February 21, 2013 is the official four year anniversary of my Tree being outside! Graciously my friend has allowed a paper tree to slowly decay back to nature the old fashion way. Or like anything in an episode of Hoarders. Although it may not be your typical rusty gold (American Pickers reference – can […]

  • Tree Winter 2013

    Winter storm Nemo hit the north east last night and covered my Tree with snow. You can see in the picture below that a little of it is peeking out from beneath all that snow. Not even mother nature can stop the upcoming four year celebration! Stay tuned for in less then two weeks there […]

  • 19 Days

    Did U No? In 19 days my Tree will have been outside 4 yrs! Mother nature sure is slow at recycling! Celebration to commence soon. https://amybauerart.wordpress.com/tree-project/

  • Conceptual Environmental Revolution

    The month of November flew by thanks to Hurricane Sandy, Conceptual Environmental Revolution, Thanksgiving, and moving.What’s that you say? The hurricane displaced me for two weeks (I was one of the lucky ones who lost no worldly possessions and still had a home to go back to) while I was in the midst of relocating […]

  • October Tree

      Over this past weekend I went to visit my Tree. Surprising even too me it is still going. Getting smaller, yet holding on. Even the base still has some paper on it. Four more months and it will have been outside for four years! I think it will make it. Oh and when I […]