Last night I had a bite to eat with my friend Rachel. As always we had great conversation. Discussed ideas, goals, our progress, and actions we should each be taking. But last night was a little different. It wasn’t just what Rachel said to me nor the exact sample, but her hesitation in possible offending me. Because of my deep appreciation of critical critiques and my upbringing of hard love, I was not offended at all by what she said. It actually touched and motivated me. She wouldn’t have offended anyone in my opinion and she certainly just said what I knew already, but some times it takes a friend (or outsider) to just state the obvious and give you a verbal kick in the butt to get you off the polka-dotted futon and back to doing what you love.

She told me I should be posting more, sharing my work and not just talking about it. Using my inner aggression more. Not just when I am selling at a craft fair, but all of the time.

I went home and took a photo of a piece I did and then did seven more drawings. SEVEN! You never know what is going to inspire you. I am lucky. It was my friend and colleague and creative person herself Rachel. So take a look at one piece (will photograph the rest later) and then go thank her for me on twitter @RaqElle.

*the photo below is one inspired by the #lettersfrom project I participated in the Brooklyn Art Library. It is not the original piece it is a reaction which I may make into a series. Image