Tree Move #4

Yesterday I went to my friend’s house where my Tree is to drop off a present and check on my Tree. They had a retaining wall that was no longer retaining anything very well. Apparently this week it fell down completely and my friend’s husband saved my Tree from falling as well. He moved it to the other side of the dog house it was near. It looks lovely there and in the first time in the couple of years that my Tree has been in their yard the husband is happy with where it is. First time and he seemed pleasantly surprised with his own reaction. So the retaining wall falling had a silver lining. Okay he might not think so, but I do. 🙂

Also I was informed that a real tree had started growing in my Tree. It is hard to really tell in these pictures, but an acorn hatched and I may have started a garden. My Tree may be coming full circle in a way that was beyond my plan. Lovely if it does.