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  • Letter to Self

    Continuing my letter series I wrote a letter to myself. This one as all of them is simple and direct. There is a PS that is inspired by what a friend posted on Facebook and is to be taken in the way lyrics to a Morrissey/The Smiths song would be. Not of loneliness, but of […]

  • Younger Self

    As mentioned in yesterdays post I participated in the Brooklyn Art Library’s #lettersfrom project. View my twitter account and see my original piece.  ABD ‏@AmyBauerDesigns @arthouse I loved color, stickers, & pencils. & still do. Simple & direct advice from me to me. #lettersfrom pic.twitter.com/6PiS4Oyr

  • Inspiration

    Last night I had a bite to eat with my friend Rachel. As always we had great conversation. Discussed ideas, goals, our progress, and actions we should each be taking. But last night was a little different. It wasn’t just what Rachel said to me nor the exact sample, but her hesitation in possible offending […]