So Shannon got two sketchbooks (presumably a mistake of Art House) and I still had none. So she gave me her spare. I started it.
Then I checked my PO Box this morning. You know that my sketchbook was finally there waiting for me. ha ha Oh well. At least I have a bit of time to do something with it before I have to send it back.

Pictures to follow soon………..

Empty PO Box

This morning I forced myself to get up early and run some errands. One was to check my PO Box for the elusive sketchbook. A friend of mine received hers on Saturday, so I figured mine was waiting in the box. Or at least a note telling me to ask for it at the desk.  Alas I was wrong, but not severely disappointed for I had found a great parking spot right outside the post office. I spot I could leave my car in all week if I wanted. Okay really just till Friday, but in this town that is like finding the golden ticket!  So I will venture back over to my PO box either later today or tomorrow.


Maybe the sketchbook is there right now.  I will also move my car before Friday. I have stuff to do! Art to make! People to meet up with!  Although I have no real reason to move my car, other than I like it closer to home, I will move it. Eventually.