Foam Cube Friends

Started the new year with an easy project that was more exciting then I knew. All I took to the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market were foam cubes donated to reDiscover Center and sharpies. I knew the permanent markers would be exciting. Many children are not allowed to use them at home because they are not easy to clean up. But in an outdoor environment with an exciting target no one seemed to draw on anything but their cubes. And the cubes! The children drew everything from faces to animals and outdoor scenes to Minecraft characters.

Richard Heaven making his foam friendSetting up the cubesRichard's foam friendFoam Friends PyramidListening to instructions  First of the foam friends Foam drawing Foam Queen Double friends The boys loved the foam too The beginning Lots of concentration Richard helping out Foam princesses MineCraft corner Cube games  Even little ones got into it Serious study Great friendsOwls and fruit Owl Non-stop fun MineCraft! Foam world

Pipe Cleaner Market

What do you need to entertain children for a couple of hours? Pipe cleaners and scissors. That is all I brought to the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market to use for craft making at the reDiscover Center‘s booth in December. That and my fantastic assistant Richard Heaven. The both of us entertained and encouraged children of all ages to create their own holiday decorations out of pipe cleaners.

Here are some fun images from the day.

Candy Canes Pipe Cleaner Bracelets Bracelet making Pipe Cleaner Hat Decoration making Snowman making Instruction Pipe Cleaner Glasses Pipe Cleaner Fun

Paper Covered Containers

Luckily it was not a blustery day on the first Sunday of November. I brought many scraps of tissue and wrapping paper, empty containers, glue sticks, scissors and markers to the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market for my arts & crafts booth for reDiscover Center. I was a bit late that day because I had been asked to be in a video about being an artist and reDiscover Center. It is a short three minute video for Santa Monica local television. An honor to be asked. I love talking about art and reuse. Although I may have been nervous and flubbed what I said, however they edit it down it will be fun… or funny…. or both. ha ha

So when I got to the market there were all sorts of activities in progress. Two parades, one for Day of the Dead and one Native American inspired. The second group danced in front of my booth which brought even more people over. Lots of containers were turned into baskets.

Music & MarkersCuttingPlacing the handleMore GluingGluingDone with snowflakesGreen containerCreatingPurple containerMakingCarolyn helpingPink & Green container Dinosaur container More cuttingGreen container

Pumpkin Decorating

For the month of October I worked one extra Sunday at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market. The two weeks before I worked at creating tiny witch hats out of felt and hot glue. Many finger burns later (luckily hot glue doesn’t burn just the surprise of touching the hot part of the glue gun hurts for a second) there were about 50 hats created. Thank you Mary Beth, Director at reDiscover Center  for helping cut some out! Needless to say with 250 pumpkins 50 hats were used up quickly leaving others to create their own versions. It was impressive what the children came up with. Thanks to my friend Carolyn for volunteering her time and helping at the tables. Many many thanks to Richard Heaven for being my awesome assistant for the day and taking most of the pictures!

Pumpkin Decorating CousinsDecorator princesses Smiles Crowd Action Lots of Pumpkins! Ideas Artist Done Perfect  Pumpkin ears Maker fun Scary! Perfecting Decorated Amy & Carolyn Richard and Amy

Flying through the market!

The first Sunday of October brought super heroes, flying princesses, caped crusaders and other protectors of humans to the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market! Starting from the reDiscover Center‘s booth for the Big Draw LA and running throughout the market were children of all ages clad in their own drawings freshly done and worn as capes! It was so much fun a few children came flying back with friends to make capes for them. Some came just over with excited parents asking if this was were they could make capes. It was a special day as I had my lovely assistant Richard Heaven by my side photographing and assisting the super children!

MVFMMarker drumsSuper CapesCape beginning Cape on!Super action Cape admiring Cape adjustmentsTake off! Super hero!Team effortCape Creating Finished CapeWires!


Stamps & Ink Pads

September 7, 2014 was a fun day at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market. Children who stopped by played with stamps and markers. One made a birthday card for a friend, another a card for their mother and the rest created 8 1/2″ by 11″ master pieces that they proudly showed to their parents. I had with me supplies from reDiscover Center. A tin of ink pads, markers, colorful paper and a plethora of stamps. Everyone (included the table-cloth & myself) was covered in ink and full of smiles.

Hard at work Stamping away Pushing with might Adding to the stamps with makers Pressing with head and hands Finished masterpiece Lovely work Hard at work Beautiful work Drawing and explaining Hearts galore Two-toned bats with hearts Hiding behind the art Small artist Completed masterpiece Great work

I have a super fun recycling project for October. Perfect for Halloween!

Canister Puppets are for Adults too!

Sunday, August 3 was a busy day in the reDiscover Center‘s booth at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market. It was the eighth year and it was quite a celebration. Instead of a DJ there was a live band and a booth to get glitter tattoos! The theme was Country Faire. I had already chosen my project based on the fact that it was International Friendship Day. I believe it worked. We created finger puppets out of empty film canisters, pipe cleaners, and markers. Lots of new friends were made including Kings, Queens, Princesses, flying friends, superheroes, and a dinosaur. I must say this was an activity that was really enjoyed by all. Adult friends too stopped by and created some great samples. I think I will use them to make a mobile.

Here’s a look at some of what was created that day.

Cutting Felt Amy's Sample Finished Princess & Peach American Hero Dinosaur Flying Friend Kings in the Making KingCanister PuppetsAmy & Puppets

Thaumatropes at the Market

On Sunday, July 6 at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market representing reDiscover Center I taught children how to make their own thaumatropes with paper, markers, glue, wooden skewers and imagination! They had a blast. More was made than I could take pictures of, they come in spurts. All it takes is one little kid seeing another and they run over. They had great ideas including birds in nests, a spider in a web, fish in tanks, and more. One little girl remembered me from last month’s CD fish craft. This is truly a rewarding event. I look forward to August and learning from the children.


reDiscover Center Can DrawingDetermined drawingDrawing concentrationContemplative drawingCelebrating creation Spinning fun Showing off workLittle one creates too


CD Fish Sunday

I spent Sunday, June 1 teaching children how to create fish from a paper template and discarded CDs. On behalf of reDiscover Center I went to the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market to work at the craft table. And let me tell you the children started coming over almost as soon as I finished setting up. They have a children’s craft in the same spot every week. So they know where to go. The reDiscover Center is only there the first Sunday, so that is when I will be there. For my first time there I went with an easy project. The children loved it and had a blast. Even the shy ones came over and made art. Even a few who never spoke a word, but got right to the task of creating. And as always when working with children, they came up with some great ideas and learned from each other.

The project consists of coloring in a paper template. Cutting the pieces out and gluing them onto a CD. I also had felt pieces with me so some of the children cut them up and glued them on too. Below is just a tiny bit of what was done. I had no assistant, so there wasn’t much time for taking photos.

My CD fish Serious fish making Fish making supplies Fish making and celebrating Fish making Fish on a string Patterned fish CD fish as an accessory