Foam Cube Friends

Started the new year with an easy project that was more exciting then I knew. All I took to the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market were foam cubes donated to reDiscover Center and sharpies. I knew the permanent markers would be exciting. Many children are not allowed to use them at home because they are not easy to clean up. But in an outdoor environment with an exciting target no one seemed to draw on anything but their cubes. And the cubes! The children drew everything from faces to animals and outdoor scenes to Minecraft characters.

Richard Heaven making his foam friendSetting up the cubesRichard's foam friendFoam Friends PyramidListening to instructions  First of the foam friends Foam drawing Foam Queen Double friends The boys loved the foam too The beginning Lots of concentration Richard helping out Foam princesses MineCraft corner Cube games  Even little ones got into it Serious study Great friendsOwls and fruit Owl Non-stop fun MineCraft! Foam world


Last meeting of my artist collective we passed around some canvases and collaborated on artwork. It was fun, even if only a few of us were actually passing around their canvases. I took some photos of canvases as they were in various stages of collaboration. Enjoy the work of myself, Alexander Khost, Cindy Dean, and Alejandro Echavez.

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Meeting o Mat

Thursday evening I went to a meeting of my art collective Union Square Artists. We collected and discussed are art o mats. As we talked we made some more. Here are my spontaneous pieces from that meeting.

I really love making these.

More Art o mat

This may be too much fun if there is such a thing. Just finished my other 2 wooden blocks for the art o mat machines. Here are some pictures, and like I typed in the other post I photographed them on a different surface to get rid of the glare.

Enjoy! I did!


The art collective I am in, Union Square Artists are creating art for art o mat. It is art on wooden blocks. The blocks are the size of cigarette boxes and put into converted cigarette vending machines. So instead of cigarettes you get little pieces of art! It is fantastic.

2 of my 4 blocks are done. By using markers I just sat down and made some art that I really like. Here are some pictures. Let me just warn you that I shot them on a shiny surface and the pictures taken with flash came out true to color unlike without the flash. So please don’t mind the shine in the middle. Will not be photographing the other 2 blocks on this surface.

Marker art & a yoga mat

Last night I made a bag to carry my yoga mat in and tonight I made some marker art on a 4″ x 4″ canvas I had. I realize they aren’t related, but I thought I would condense my post tonight. Hope no one minds. 🙂 The yoga tote was made from the legs of a pair of corduroys (now I own some pink hot pants! hee hee).