Tree Winter 2013

Winter storm Nemo hit the north east last night and covered my Tree with snow. You can see in the picture below that a little of it is peeking out from beneath all that snow. Not even mother nature can stop the upcoming four year celebration! Stay tuned for in less then two weeks there will be a full update on the condition of my Tree. Slow recycling.

The brim of my Tree is peeking out beneath Nemo's snow.

The brim of my Tree is peeking out beneath Nemo’s snow.

Tilted Tree

Visited my Tree last Monday after I climbed behind the gigantic butterfly bush that is growing around it noticed a bit of a tilt. The Tree looks pretty much the same, just wet for it was raining that day. Then I went to the side and noticed a dramatic tilt. Now the countdown is on for the amount of time it takes for the bark to tilt off. Inside the base is cement so I know it won’t fall down all the way, but I hadn’t realized that after 2.5 years outside it would tilt. An interesting development in the circle of natural open air composting.

Tree Visit

So the exhaustive never-ending heat wave we are having in the North East may be finally making a change to my mighty Tree. Parts of it are starting to flake off and fly away. Here are pictures from yesterdays visit. By the way August marks a year and half outside for my Tree.

Video & Photo Visit

Today I went to visit my Tree and took some pictures of it. It is still standing and doing rather well. Below are some pictures and hereĀ  is a link to a video.