Drying right now in the home studio and will be on display (& for sale!) next Sunday, I present three experiments in glue:

Oh did I mention that these three were inspirational to me? I started another piece which is much larger, 8″x10″ (lol), which in turn inspired an idea for an installation. Unfortunately there isn’t enough time to create this idea in time for the art show (Sunday, May 19 noon to 6pm 333 Newark St, Hoboken, NJ – Closing Studio Party, but the above pieces and A LOT more will be there. Hopefully you will be too.

Piano Update

Apologies for the long delay in posting. I am working on a deadline (or a drop dead date as some would say) with time restrictions. Normally not a problem, but I’ve got something called a day job that can get a bit in the way. Even so I prevail and will conquer!

Since the last post where I shared my reaction to excitement I have begun working on a piano. I was given an upright piano to work on. Well it wasn’t given to me, it is in a studio location where I get to work (during specific times) on it. I happily would have taken any of the pianos and am still super excited about this project. It is coming out fantastically. Not exactly as I planned, for nothing does, but possibly better. I am using vintage music books (bought online), shredding the pages inside of them (which my mother cringed at the thought), and am applying them to the piano. Oh and I primed and painted the piano first. Why? The primer and paint were free, I hadn’t ordered the music books yet, and as a former piano painter said it is a good way to get to know your piano.

When it is done it will be on display in NYC (will share location information when I find out!) for the first two weeks of June. So if you can play piano come out and if you cannot play piano come out to take a look and listen!

Here are some pictures of my progress so far.

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Surprise Inspiration

Last night I went to see Mark Lesseraux and The Citizens play (which I highly recommend for they are good musicians and great entertainers). I work with Mark and he came to my solo show back in September and bought a piece that he gave to a friend who had accompanied him to my show. After the gig last night I said hi to Mark and then started to meander my way to the exit. That’s when a women stopped me and said I was the artist of a piece she had just seen earlier that night at her friend’s apartment! Indeed I was. She told me about seeing my piece on her friend’s wall above antlers (bust or just the head of some animal taxidermy which made this all the more exciting for me, I must have seen too many episodes of Oddities) and her interpretation of the piece. Which I loved hearing about. And then her friend telling her what it was and pointing me out in the audience at the show. To know someone liked something I had made enough to buy it for someone who then displays it, and then to have another person like it enough to get excited and stop me to tell me! Well all I can say was this was a first for me and as soon as I got home I made some more art!

The piece I was stopped at a show and told by someone they really liked it!

The piece I was stopped at a show and told by someone they really liked it!

Continued painting after surprised by a fan of my work.

Continued painting after surprised by a fan of my work.

3" x 3" piece I started last night after Green Piece.

3″ x 3″ piece I started last night after Green Piece.

I CAN Hand

Last weekend I finally got around to making my I CAN hand. It turned out to be a lot of fun making art on my hand… then again it is always fun to get messy from art supplies.

Here is what it is all about (from

‎”I CAN”

I CAN WE CAN: Participate! Do this simple thing: decorate your hand with the inspirational words ” I CAN,” take a photo of it with your phone or camera, and email the image to Women’s Caucus for Art (WCA) Member Brenda Oelbaum at

WCA is joining forces with 2012 President’s Awardee Cathy Salser’s A Window Between Worlds (AWBW) and Eve Ensler’s One Billion Rising to draw attention to domestic violence. The I CAN WE CAN Solidarity Campaign is dedicated to building solidarity with the arts, social justice, academic, and feminist communities together with domestic violence survivors and the courageous women and men who work in the front lines of this issue.

The February 14, 2013 Lifetime Achievement Awards falls on the same day as Ensler’s One Billion Rising global action event. WCA will show its solidarity wiht AWBW and One Billion Rising by displaying a mosaic of hands projected on the screen during the awards ceremony. SO TODAY submit and help us make a statement —- send your I CAN hand art to Brenda!!

So like the WCA NY FB page states… go make your hand today! and email it in.. Below is some pictures of mine. I sent in the one with my feet in it..


Been working on my study of color paintings (they have gotten way tiny – some are 2″ x 2″) and incorporating my recycling into them. The images don’t show the texture or additions, but each one (except the large yellow one which was painted with discarded paint). The beauty of this show is that I am getting more excited as it gets closer and am experimenting with everything within arms reach! It also helps that I finally have an art studio outside of my abode : )

Here are some images (a little shoddy, quick cell phone pictures) of paintings and studio when I first moved in – empty, not its current state!).


This morning I started painting a canvas. It is going to be a base to a multimedia project that I have in mind. The canvas came from a trip I took to NC 2 years ago. It has been staring at me asking me to do something with it or give it away. I decided to do something with it. The paint was being thrown out from work. When it was offered to me I said yes of course. More layers of paint will be added and then I have an idea to incorporate some fabric pieces I cut out and want to be attached to a canvas. Only time will tell if it will work as I plan. For now here is the beginning of the piece.