Surprise Inspiration

Last night I went to see Mark Lesseraux and The Citizens play (which I highly recommend for they are good musicians and great entertainers). I work with Mark and he came to my solo show back in September and bought a piece that he gave to a friend who had accompanied him to my show. After the gig last night I said hi to Mark and then started to meander my way to the exit. That’s when a women stopped me and said I was the artist of a piece she had just seen earlier that night at her friend’s apartment! Indeed I was. She told me about seeing my piece on her friend’s wall above antlers (bust or just the head of some animal taxidermy which made this all the more exciting for me, I must have seen too many episodes of Oddities) and her interpretation of the piece. Which I loved hearing about. And then her friend telling her what it was and pointing me out in the audience at the show. To know someone liked something I had made enough to buy it for someone who then displays it, and then to have another person like it enough to get excited and stop me to tell me! Well all I can say was this was a first for me and as soon as I got home I made some more art!

The piece I was stopped at a show and told by someone they really liked it!

The piece I was stopped at a show and told by someone they really liked it!

Continued painting after surprised by a fan of my work.

Continued painting after surprised by a fan of my work.

3" x 3" piece I started last night after Green Piece.

3″ x 3″ piece I started last night after Green Piece.

Tree Winter 2013

Winter storm Nemo hit the north east last night and covered my Tree with snow. You can see in the picture below that a little of it is peeking out from beneath all that snow. Not even mother nature can stop the upcoming four year celebration! Stay tuned for in less then two weeks there will be a full update on the condition of my Tree. Slow recycling.

The brim of my Tree is peeking out beneath Nemo's snow.

The brim of my Tree is peeking out beneath Nemo’s snow.

Letter to Self

Continuing my letter series I wrote a letter to myself. This one as all of them is simple and direct. There is a PS that is inspired by what a friend posted on Facebook and is to be taken in the way lyrics to a Morrissey/The Smiths song would be. Not of loneliness, but of being alone, you are not.

Letter to Self

October Tree


Over this past weekend I went to visit my Tree. Surprising even too me it is still going. Getting smaller, yet holding on. Even the base still has some paper on it. Four more months and it will have been outside for four years! I think it will make it. Oh and when I stood up I came face to face with a bumble bee.  Luckily he was too busy on the flower to notice me.


Solo Show Pics

Friday, September 7 was the opening reception to my solo show at D’s Soul Full Cafe. It was a steady stream of people and a steady stream of happy art purchasers.

Besides my own marketing, the show was promoted via the FIT’s (Fashion Institute of Technology) blog! So Take a look below at some conceptual environmental art.

The show is up till October 5th, so if you are in the area and perhaps in the mood for some food, stop by. Especially on Sunday’s for the music residency that is in conjunction with my art show. Check out D’s Soul Full Cafe link above for full details.

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Been working on my study of color paintings (they have gotten way tiny – some are 2″ x 2″) and incorporating my recycling into them. The images don’t show the texture or additions, but each one (except the large yellow one which was painted with discarded paint). The beauty of this show is that I am getting more excited as it gets closer and am experimenting with everything within arms reach! It also helps that I finally have an art studio outside of my abode : )

Here are some images (a little shoddy, quick cell phone pictures) of paintings and studio when I first moved in – empty, not its current state!).

Bug Tree

Just checked on my Tree today. It seems to have gotten shorter and is still not completely flattened. It has become a bug sanctuary, well it has been for over 3 years now. You can see the spider web on the inside. Bugs in it and underneath. I shared with my friends (who own the yard it is in) that the end is near. I may be helping my Tree along on its final steps. Give it completely over to the bugs in a way.

Tree Day

The latest visit to my Tree further revealed it’s strength. Down, but not flat.

3 Years Outside!

My Tree has officially been outside for 3 years since February 21st! And it is holding up. The very bottom of the trunk is getting moist. I suspect this may be the first part to flatten. What do you think?