I CAN Hand

Last weekend I finally got around to making my I CAN hand. It turned out to be a lot of fun making art on my hand… then again it is always fun to get messy from art supplies.

Here is what it is all about (from https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=477191755646921&id=189349094431190):

‎”I CAN”

I CAN WE CAN: Participate! Do this simple thing: decorate your hand with the inspirational words ” I CAN,” take a photo of it with your phone or camera, and email the image to Women’s Caucus for Art (WCA) Member Brenda Oelbaum at brendaoelbaum@gmail.com

WCA is joining forces with 2012 President’s Awardee Cathy Salser’s A Window Between Worlds (AWBW) and Eve Ensler’s One Billion Rising to draw attention to domestic violence. The I CAN WE CAN Solidarity Campaign is dedicated to building solidarity with the arts, social justice, academic, and feminist communities together with domestic violence survivors and the courageous women and men who work in the front lines of this issue.

The February 14, 2013 Lifetime Achievement Awards falls on the same day as Ensler’s One Billion Rising global action event. WCA will show its solidarity wiht AWBW and One Billion Rising by displaying a mosaic of hands projected on the screen during the awards ceremony. SO TODAY submit and help us make a statement —- send your I CAN hand art to Brenda!!

So like the WCA NY FB page states… go make your hand today! and email it in.. Below is some pictures of mine. I sent in the one with my feet in it..

Conceptual Environmental Revolution

The month of November flew by thanks to Hurricane Sandy, Conceptual Environmental Revolution, Thanksgiving, and moving.What’s that you say? The hurricane displaced me for two weeks (I was one of the lucky ones who lost no worldly possessions and still had a home to go back to) while I was in the midst of relocating said possessions. Yet with a holiday and a hunky helpful partner a revolution meeting still took place.

A Conceptual Environmental Revolution (CER) description:

Amy Bauer & Richard Heaven (Hecht)

Come to a conceptual environmental revolution meeting! Attend, View, Raid!
A peaceful playful expression in mixed medium drawings and sculptures.

The CER was held on November 17 & 18 and was part of the Hoboken Artists Studio Tour. It was in my studio! For the first year I was not a renegade and had an actual studio in the building I am usually always in. Here was one of the invites https://www.facebook.com/events/210728849058266/.

Here are some images from it.

Art Work

Two of multiple projects I am working on are coming along better than I could imagine. One is a drawing that I hadn’t planned on making into a actual piece. It was suppose to be just pattern pieces for a mobile, but the lay out was too cool I started to color it in. The other is a canvas I am covering in paper to make a 2D version of my Tree. It is going to be part of a gallery donation show. The images are just the first layer of paper. I even covered the sides (including top & bottom) because I love when art work covers every inch of the canvas.

Pastel Update

So my pastel drawings are coming along great. They are nearing completion. Thankfully on deadline too.

Here are two shots of three of them. There are six all together. Apologies for the bad photography.