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  • Piano Project – Delivered

    This is an image of the piano I artistically refurbished for Sing for Hope pianos 2013. I received an email from them yesterday stating my piano had been delivered to its new home that afternoon! I had been unsure if it had even found a home. Happily it did. VISIONS in NYC, the Chelsea section […]

  • Featured Piano

    I am excited to share that my piano for Sing for Hope was written about in the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Art and Design blog! Here is a link to the article http://blog.fitnyc.edu/artanddesign/2013/06/13/she-took-one-refurbished-piano/ that features some great photos of my piano. Also please note that the pianos will all be on the plaza at Lincoln Center on […]

  • Amy’s Sing For Hope Piano

    Originally posted on richardheaven's Blog:
    Sunday, June 2nd I, along with the love of my life, Amy (who was commissioned, along with 87 other artists to put their artistic spin on a piano) went to Van Cortlandt Park in Riverdale, Bronx and visited the Van Cortlandt House Museum to see her Piano. These are…

  • Piano Update

    Apologies for the long delay in posting. I am working on a deadline (or a drop dead date as some would say) with time restrictions. Normally not a problem, but I’ve got something called a day job that can get a bit in the way. Even so I prevail and will conquer! Since the last […]

  • Sing For Hope Pianos

    Just sent in my application to be an artist for Sing For Hope. You can paint a piano! http://singforhope.org/the-sing-for-hope-pianos/ A little nervous because they may only be looking to have it painted, but I suggested painting and then to cover it in paper mache. I already know how I would seal the paper so it would […]