Been working on my study of color paintings (they have gotten way tiny – some are 2″ x 2″) and incorporating my recycling into them. The images don’t show the texture or additions, but each one (except the large yellow one which was painted with discarded paint). The beauty of this show is that I am getting more excited as it gets closer and am experimenting with everything within arms reach! It also helps that I finally have an art studio outside of my abode : )

Here are some images (a little shoddy, quick cell phone pictures) of paintings and studio when I first moved in – empty, not its current state!).


Took some sample fabric I got off of Freecycle and made a backpack to wear while bicycle riding. Left the grommets in and tied a little fabric through them. Also sewed some velcro in the inside near the top for extra security. As you can see from the pictures it is pretty high on my back so nothing will fall out as I cycle.

Tilted Tree

Visited my Tree last Monday after I climbed behind the gigantic butterfly bush that is growing around it noticed a bit of a tilt. The Tree looks pretty much the same, just wet for it was raining that day. Then I went to the side and noticed a dramatic tilt. Now the countdown is on for the amount of time it takes for the bark to tilt off. Inside the base is cement so I know it won’t fall down all the way, but I hadn’t realized that after 2.5 years outside it would tilt. An interesting development in the circle of natural open air composting.

T-Shirt Bolero Jacket

To cover my shoulders in a spaghetti strap dress last night I cut up and transformed a t-shirt into a bolero jacket. No instructions or pattern. I just cut it up the front middle, cut off the bottom half and sewed on some scraps to cover up some words that were on the front of the t-shirt.

Two Weeks Till….

Interested in making some small sewing projects this summer? Then sign up! I will be teaching three workshops at the JCC in Manhattan in July. {hint: you don’t have to sign up for all three, but why wouldn’t you. hee hee}


Fabric Arts Workshops at the JCC in Manhattan
by Amy Bauer

Quick and easy 2-hour sewing workshops for students who are absolute beginners or novice sewers. With a focus on “going green”, you will create projects that are useful and personalized. A fabric lunch tote will encourage you to eat healthier and spend less. A reusable sandwich/snack bag will have you ditch those flimsy plastic ones. Sew a simple lanyard for your keys, ID badge or Metrocard and keep it all together.

Sun, Jul 17
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Fabric Arts Workshops: Lunch Tote
$35.00 Member
$45.00 Nonmember

Sun, Jul 24
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Fabric Arts Workshops: Snack Sack
$35.00 Member
$45.00 Nonmember

Sun, Jul 31
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Fabric Arts Workshops: Lanyard
$35.00 Member
$45.00 Nonmember

For more information, or to register,
please call 646-505-5708
or online at jccmanhattan.org


I had a pair of pants I didn’t really like as pants so I made them into shorts this morning. Then I realized I needed a little blue bag so I cut up a skirt and turned it into one.

Here are pictures of my morning re-fashions.

Tree Move #4

Yesterday I went to my friend’s house where my Tree is to drop off a present and check on my Tree. They had a retaining wall that was no longer retaining anything very well. Apparently this week it fell down completely and my friend’s husband saved my Tree from falling as well. He moved it to the other side of the dog house it was near. It looks lovely there and in the first time in the couple of years that my Tree has been in their yard the husband is happy with where it is. First time and he seemed pleasantly surprised with his own reaction. So the retaining wall falling had a silver lining. Okay he might not think so, but I do. 🙂

Also I was informed that a real tree had started growing in my Tree. It is hard to really tell in these pictures, but an acorn hatched and I may have started a garden. My Tree may be coming full circle in a way that was beyond my plan. Lovely if it does.

An unscheduled visit

I was in the area of my Tree yesterday and decided to visit it. A call to the owner of the yard it sits in alerted me to the fact that the garden around my Tree was in the process of being taken down. Unknown to me, was that they planned on moving my Tree. Thank goodness I had stopped by. I was able to video tape the move. 2 years 2 months and 3 moves in the same back yard so far. Here are some pictures of it.

Tree in Garden

Yesterday I moved my Tree into my friends garden as a sort of ‘waiting spot’ because a fence is being put up where it was. So I moved the trunk into the garden and placed the top on to a leaf pile. Where I am sure it will be covered and fully recycle. Underneath the Tree I found lots of life, termites, slugs, and sprouts!

Marker art & a yoga mat

Last night I made a bag to carry my yoga mat in and tonight I made some marker art on a 4″ x 4″ canvas I had. I realize they aren’t related, but I thought I would condense my post tonight. Hope no one minds. 🙂 The yoga tote was made from the legs of a pair of corduroys (now I own some pink hot pants! hee hee).