I have a party to go to this afternoon and couldn’t find the skirt that was the length I wanted to go with my leggings. So I reached into my closet and picked a skirt I hardly wear, cut it in half, sewed it up (with some pretty lace seam binding inside) and it was perfect. My new mini. It’s gray and goes with everything!


I had a shirt in my closet for a while that I liked, but it wasn’t quite right. I realized that I just needed to take away the white border and ta da! It was perfect with a slight scoop to the neck line it fit beautifully.


I taught myself a bookbinding technique today. Used some sample card stock and yarn I had. Holed punched holes and weaved the yarn in and out of each page and back into the previous page twisting the yarn to keep the book tight. Seems to work which is good because I will be giving demonstrations at the Maker Faire.


For years I have been thinking about making my own underwear. Today was the day I finally did it. Partly because I was down to the last clean pair. So I chose a t-shirt made a pattern for boy short style underwear and got it on the first try! Here are some pictures of my new underwear. Note: I am not buying underwear any more. From now on I am making it. Will try different styles too. 🙂

Small Bag

I have been sewing up a storm this week. Many things are in the works. Here is a small bag, perhaps a makeup bag I made. Just sewed in the lining this morning. It is 7″ x 9″.

Tree Visit

So the exhaustive never-ending heat wave we are having in the North East may be finally making a change to my mighty Tree. Parts of it are starting to flake off and fly away. Here are pictures from yesterdays visit. By the way August marks a year and half outside for my Tree.

Tree in June

Almost a year and a half and my Tree is still standing. Recycling takes a long time. Below are a couple of pictures I took recently. More can be seen on my Flickr stream.

Spring Purse

I decided to finish a purse I started eons ago because I needed a Spring purse. The picture does not give it justice, but there are three little rose buds and a pocket I can put things into on the front. It is all made from remnants.

Birthday Card

For a birthday celebration I wanted to make a birthday card. This card was going to be for a male relative so I did some research for ideas. The following is what I came up with. I even sewed on buttons underneath the tie I made!