October Tree


Over this past weekend I went to visit my Tree. Surprising even too me it is still going. Getting smaller, yet holding on. Even the base still has some paper on it. Four more months and it will have been outside for four years! I think it will make it. Oh and when I stood up I came face to face with a bumble bee.  Luckily he was too busy on the flower to notice me.


Solo Show Pics

Friday, September 7 was the opening reception to my solo show at D’s Soul Full Cafe. It was a steady stream of people and a steady stream of happy art purchasers.

Besides my own marketing, the show was promoted via the FIT’s (Fashion Institute of Technology) blog! So Take a look below at some conceptual environmental art.

The show is up till October 5th, so if you are in the area and perhaps in the mood for some food, stop by. Especially on Sunday’s for the music residency that is in conjunction with my art show. Check out D’s Soul Full Cafe link above for full details.

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Bug Tree

Just checked on my Tree today. It seems to have gotten shorter and is still not completely flattened. It has become a bug sanctuary, well it has been for over 3 years now. You can see the spider web on the inside. Bugs in it and underneath. I shared with my friends (who own the yard it is in) that the end is near. I may be helping my Tree along on its final steps. Give it completely over to the bugs in a way.

3 Years Outside!

My Tree has officially been outside for 3 years since February 21st! And it is holding up. The very bottom of the trunk is getting moist. I suspect this may be the first part to flatten. What do you think?


Woke up wanting to visit my Tree yesterday. Then I received a phone call answering this hankering I had. My Tree HAD FALLEN! OMG I thought! It almost made it to the 3 year mark. In my mind it was flattened on the ground. In reality it was still circular. The 6 inch base is almost completely showing. The trunk was so full of water from snow and rain storms that it just collapsed by the weight and wind.

I took pictures (and my friend’s husband took pictures of me taking pictures). My Tree may have fallen and is leaning on a fence, but it is still going! The chapter continues! My Tree lives on! It is making it to the 3 years outside celebration! Here is photographic evidence.

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Tree Christmas 2011

Went to visit my Tree on Christmas day and made a startling discovery. Why my Tree’s cement was showing! And now it is really at a severe angle. Will the 3 year outdoor celebration this February be the last? Will it be the end? Will my Tree make it to then? How do I feel about this? A remarkable journey through outdoor recycling. One that was thought to last 3 months at the most and has become an extension of 1 simple thought in 2006, “I’ll make a tree out of paper”.

Here are some pictures of the current state of my Tree.

Card, Present, Party

For December I made a papier mache birthday card for my dad, a abstract fabric monster for a 5 month old, and a felt and button bird to wear to a party for myself.

The card is all recycled paper and stickers I had left over from a project from 6 years ago. The monster is made from felt and cotton (part of a summer dress that is being recycled). It has soft corners so that it can be grabbed easily by small hands or shoved in to a mouth since the baby is teething. Stuffed with organic natural fibers!

Now the bird is an all purpose accessory that I had pinned to my belt. Where it will land in the future is unknown. Maybe on a headband or part of a package for gift giving, or part of a wall decor. Perhaps it will fly into some craft project yet to be started! Until then it is room decor and lovely with its antique buttons.