A coworker recently asked me to sew on some straps to a strapless dress she had just purchased. After a brief discussion she bought some ribbon at Mood and I sewed them on to the inside of the dress for a modest some. Once viewing the dress I mentioned just adding them to the inside and not sewing them into between the seam, she was okay with that so I did it. Was a bit concerned because the waist had been sewn together and had to still manage to get to the inside of the dress. Managed to take a little bit of the waist open from the inside and get to the bodice. For a quick fix I think it came out perfect and my coworker was happy.


I love mobiles and had made several in my lifetime. Usually just for myself and for fun. I have the grandfather of the mobile Alexander Calder to thank for the invention.

A friend of mine is having a baby soon and so I had to make a present. Being a creative person I couldn’t just buy her something so I made her a mobile. She loves stars, the baby’s room is natural colors, and she mentioned me and a mobile. I do pick up on hints! I made it gender neutral because we are all going to be surprised in the sex of the baby till the little bundle arrives. It is made of felt, ribbon, and wire. Don’t worry the wire is only the hoop and it is covered so the future baby should never even be able to reach that. I also made it in a way so that it can be hung from the ceiling or any where after the crib is no longer needed.

Meetup @ The Ink Pad

Today I attended a class on making chunky books at The Ink Pad. It was part of a meetup held by The Craftaholic.  I was not sure what I would end up with, but I love books and paper so I was looking forward to the class. All of the pages are uploaded on my flickr account. I kept my supplies minimal to challenge myself. Let me know what you think.

Here is my favorite page and the cover.

Birthday Card

For a birthday celebration I wanted to make a birthday card. This card was going to be for a male relative so I did some research for ideas. The following is what I came up with. I even sewed on buttons underneath the tie I made!


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and once again I have made my mother a card. I used some embroidery floss I got from the art swap, bristol board, buttons, ribbon, sticky back felt, crafting papers, and Double Tack Mounting Film (which I bought today at Dick Blick).  I think it came out great. Especially since I did my usual free wheeling no plans, just winged it art!