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Fabric animals

The bunnies are hopping and the owl isn’t far behind!  Watch out, they are all going to make their debut at the sale. Take one home on November 14th.

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Art & Craft Sale

On Saturday, November 14th I will be selling my wares. I am currently working on new items for this event. The sale will include new art work, crafts, clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Think of it as holiday shopping. The Proletariat Pins will be just one item of many being sold.

{images of items for sale below}

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Package Designs

So here are the package designs. I really like how the definition of Proletariat is included.

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Proletariat pins

So I was thinking of making pins that were female symbols. When I held one of the prototypes that Shannon had made, I said these look like people. She agreed. Then we had to come up with a name. Or rather agree on a name. Proletariat Pins is what we agreed on. I like it. So we are still in the early stages. I will post a creative packaging design that Shannon came up with soon.

Tell us, would you buy one?

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