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Quick Birthday Card

I made a birthday card for my mother this weekend. She liked it. I was inspired by some cards online I saw. It was simplicity at its best.

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A coworker recently asked me to sew on some straps to a strapless dress she had just purchased. After a brief discussion she bought some ribbon at Mood and I sewed them on to the inside of the dress for a modest some. Once viewing the dress I mentioned just adding them to the inside and not sewing them into between the seam, she was okay with that so I did it. Was a bit concerned because the waist had been sewn together and had to still manage to get to the inside of the dress. Managed to take a little bit of the waist open from the inside and get to the bodice. For a quick fix I think it came out perfect and my coworker was happy.

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Last Call

Today may be the last day to sign up for Make a Lunch Tote with Amy. That is if I cannot get the minimun people, which is only 3. So please sign up if you are thinking about it. 🙂

UPDATE: So the lunch tote workshop is a no go. Not enough signups. But the other two workshops are still up for registration so sign up today! Thanks ~ Amy

Click the link below to register.  


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To cover my shoulders in a spaghetti strap dress last night I cut up and transformed a t-shirt into a bolero jacket. No instructions or pattern. I just cut it up the front middle, cut off the bottom half and sewed on some scraps to cover up some words that were on the front of the t-shirt.

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I have posted a page for my Etsy shop on here. Right now there is nothing for sale, but when there is (and there will be!) I will post and let everyone know about it!

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