Piano Update

Apologies for the long delay in posting. I am working on a deadline (or a drop dead date as some would say) with time restrictions. Normally not a problem, but I’ve got something called a day job that can get a bit in the way. Even so I prevail and will conquer!

Since the last post where I shared my reaction to excitement I have begun working on a piano. I was given an upright piano to work on. Well it wasn’t given to me, it is in a studio location where I get to work (during specific times) on it. I happily would have taken any of the pianos and am still super excited about this project. It is coming out fantastically. Not exactly as I planned, for nothing does, but possibly better. I am using vintage music books (bought online), shredding the pages inside of them (which my mother cringed at the thought), and am applying them to the piano. Oh and I primed and painted the piano first. Why? The primer and paint were free, I hadn’t ordered the music books yet, and as a former piano painter said it is a good way to get to know your piano.

When it is done it will be on display in NYC (will share location information when I find out!) for the first two weeks of June. So if you can play piano come out and if you cannot play piano come out to take a look and listen!

Here are some pictures of my progress so far.

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Talking to Strangers

Did you ever have a moment of such grand excitement you didn’t know what to do with yourself? Last night I had one and it caused a sudden personality change. Sitting at a bar by myself, waiting on someone I decided to check my email. I had nothing but a glass of water in front of me. I knew no one there.

All day I had checked my email on and off. Friday was the day that emails were going out from Sing for Hope about their pianos and chosen artists. I had submitted a proposal, but figured my idea might have been too far-fetched. And was waiting on a rejection letter. These things are hard to get accepted for. There are millions of artists all trying for a handful of opportunities. And they are good. Who was I?

Then again my momentum was on a upslope. So who were they?

So there it was. Finally sitting in my email. Without an ounce of hesitation I clicked on it and to my utter most deepest unexpected surprise the email began with “We are excited to inform you..”, that had to be good news. “that you have been accepted as an artist” OMG is all I am thinking! “for the Sing for Hope Pianos public art project!” OMG OMG OMG I am reading, almost crying, and searching around the room for someone I know, any one to tell! I am actually saying OMG and this is exciting and other happy exclamations (who can remember, but it was all good).

So there is no one I know in sight. I guess I could have gone outside and made a phone call. That would be too logical and was not even a thought at that moment. I was completely living in the now.

I do the next best thing. I tell the bartender and the girl sitting next to me. When I say I am so excited I am going to cry, the girl says I am in the right place. They understand.

By the time (2 minutes probably) the person who I am waiting for comes in, the girl left, the bartender walked away and I am too excited to talk at normal speed.

The point of my story. I don’t normally talk to strangers in a bar. And I was chosen to be an artist for Sing for Hope Pianos! OMG!

Sing For Hope Pianos

Just sent in my application to be an artist for Sing For Hope. You can paint a piano! http://singforhope.org/the-sing-for-hope-pianos/ A little nervous because they may only be looking to have it painted, but I suggested painting and then to cover it in paper mache. I already know how I would seal the paper so it would last, not fall off, and not be toxic. Fingers crossed they chose me!